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Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ M+CD

From Seraphic Deviltry:

An expressionless club doorman meets a flashy boy at one of the many parties the place gathers. As someone who’s always been considered quite boring or an emotionless person, Saya-chan with his clumsy personality will make this man a more vivid one.

Mangaka : Ogeretsu Tanaka
Release Date : 05/26/2017
 Hino Satoshi (Ogata) x Nakajima Yoshiki (Saya)

P.S. Helloooo minna! Long time no see? More than one month to my last release... Agh.. it never happened since I opened the blog... Gomen, more than one reason took me at such inactivity:
⚣busy with work
⚣had some friends from England hosted here at my house for 5 days ( so I was always out)
⚣re ups
⚣⚣and lazyass, oh! I already wrote it?!?! Hihihi 
Soooooo I have alot of enthusiasm in me (very inspired!).... I need to express it the sooner I can!!!! I have my new baby (as I said already in the fb group *you can join it right now right HERE* ... Thanks alot for all involved in this project! I was pretty happy (Im containing myself!!!) when I realized a drama cd was adapted for this one.... Among Ogeretsu sensei works, this is my favourite! I truly love the story... I will spare u from describing my reaction to it ok!??! Arent I kind!?!? I AM!!!!
Now, the blog is pretty stuck again, since +Cold Blood Kissy videos got flagged again and she lost 3 channels... but here to say we already have a PLAN B and we are working on it (we will keep u informed tho!), and if this would not be enough there will be PLAN C or D or E.... just to make people know that if some hater is surfing here, just stop with this crap! We dont hurt and we dont wanna be hurt neither! This is a blog full of love between men, gay relationships!, if this may disturb you, Im sorry but this is what I like... and I should be free to do what I want in the way I want since I dont harm, kill or insult anyone! You dont need to understand it or like it, u need to respect it. So if u could take your attention in something more constructive it would be awesome!
So said I will try posting regularly! (I hope!)

P.S.Some infos on PLAN B!
So we did some researches, we went looking for alternative ways to stream since Youtube is no go for us now. We went on alot of sites streaming animes. like myreadingmanga, gogoanime, kisshentai (ops! u found me! ahahah) so we will try to learn about the same hosts without (maybe) the problem of being reported. We will try some and here we need ur help! Since we dont want having loading/streaming related problems we need u to let us know and guide us for who or which country the problem is, so we can work and improve in order to be safe but keep doing what we do now! 
We have alot of ideas for the future, we'd like to share with everyone if only we could go smootlhy as we were used before! I will give u 2 links! All connected to the same video but different host. If u have problems with one, pls try the other one and tell me if everything is ok or not!

Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ:  1  -  2  -  - 5 (The end)  -  6 (Extra)

Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ:  1  -  -  4  -  5 (The end)  -  6 (Extra)

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