Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Śēŋŧīɱɛȵŧāİ Ġāřđēň ĿŏvέƦ M+CD

A scruffy stray cat wishes for big hands to hold an abused man, and a cute kitten begs for speech to comfort a broken-hearted stranger. Wander further into the garden, and you'll find close siblings upset by a love rival!
Mangaka : Ogura Muku
 Release date: 2009
Horie Kazuma x Kamiya Hiroshi
Kondou Takashi x Kamiya Hiroshi
Nakamura Yuuichi x Kishio Daisuke
with Tachibana Shinnosuke 

P.S. This is my way to grant a very old request! Dear jgrey, here you are with the manga you asked for... well, to tell you the truth I wouldn't pick this story if it was only for me! Oh, I like the story, it's a good plot! but I didn't think they would make a dramaCD for it! So when you asked I was like is he/she sure this story is recorded?!??! I'm happy to re read it listening the audio. This manga is made by more than one pair soooo enjoy the whole project!!!! And thanks bis coz this is the first manga of this artist here! I like the art, it's simple and clean...

Śēŋŧīɱɛȵŧāİ Ġāřđēň ĿŏvέƦ M+CD:  1  -  2  -  3


  1. cant wait for the next episode!!!

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    Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Not only the third link but also the other links are broken too.