Friday, May 27, 2016


Kðàĸūmã ŋō Ŝāňĉŧũāřƴ part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm super ok!!! Another weekend is just around the corner and this make me feel sooooo refreshed!!!! Hihihihi plus the weather is amazing here!!! I'm going to enjoy the beach for a while!!! But before it...... TADAAAA....  another release! Yup, Rei chan and Kagami san here....
Well, I'm telling you first.... it's the original size of the track! Can it be that they made tracks so short just for testing our heart and brain???!!!? Ahahahah I mean come on..... 
Second, take tissues ready... ahhhhh I know what you're thinking right now.... yaoi perverts!!!! No no, tissues are needed not for the first reason came into your mind..... not for too much drooling......!!! But coz this is such a sad part.... I cried while editing it and yelled at Kagami..... how How HOW can he make him suffer so much???? If it was real life even if you could think about the same person for 10 years, you surely wouldn't let him/her to do all of this to you... 
It seems that everytime Rei chan see or talk to Kagami the only thing he does after is crying..... Kawaiisoni.... 
Well, enjoy the part!
Have a wonderful friday!
See ya tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Ɓōĸū ŵā ĸĩmĩ ŋō ŧōřĭ ŋĭ ŋāŕīŧāī M+CD

At 15 years old, Kei's never been in love, but he has sex with anyone who shows him interest. While he's in someone else's arms, he can forget the void in his own life. One day in late spring, Koyama discovers what's missing: a slightly spacey med-student named Fujii. Unfortunately, Fujii is his sister's boyfriend.
 Mangaka: Homerun Ken
Release date:  2006-02-24
Fujii: Hatano Wataru
Koyama Kei: Suzumura Kenichi
Koyama Moe: Mizuhashi Kaori
Akatsuka Rintarou: Itou Kentarou

P.S. A kind request of +Shayla Casado Fuertes  dear, thanks for supporting me during these years...! This blog has the big luck and honour of having new people here everyday, but there is a group of people always always here and never gone away, people who really understand what I mean and feel! You are also a reason for me of even thinking about doing more and better!
Just enjoy this request of yours! Kisses!

P.S. 2 Thanks for everything you do for us yaoi manga lovers... without skilled people like you that use their free time mananging new projects just to let us enjoy them, people like me wouldn't have a reason and possibility for editing!
So thanks to your hobby I can have mine, soooooo enjoy our hobbies together ne??!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Kðàĸūmã ŋō Ŝāňĉŧũāřƴ part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Sundays are the best also coz here we are able to make a double release...!!!! On facebook, friends suggested to call Sunday, the NOSEBLEED DAY, and I totally agree with this name, none could be better than this ahahaahahha!
Well, yeah as I've said in the chatbox I kindly ask you to use it or simply comment under Cold Blood's post (no other ways will be considered) in order to try the luck and guess which video is the 100° among the seven of Ķõħĩŧšūjî Ħõĸāĸû Ķěīĸāĸû M+CD #2 
If you win you'll can ask whatever manga+dramaCD you love, if none can guess it she'll keep following her amazing list and schedule!!!! We sure hope to make someone happier than usual, picking something you really love... it depends only by you, and your luck, and your capacity at reading ours little advices....!!!! Ok, I'll say no more... or it means I'd help you too much!!!
Anyway, time for me to work right??? I have to make my part in all of this hihihihi sooooooo today I'm going to keep a new episode of Rei-chan and Kagami-san.... Wow, it seemed ages for me since the last time I edited of these two.... !!!! I'm happy to do it!!!
We left them taking arrangements for a "date"... now we are going to see how that date will go.... The way Rei-chan described him was so full of love.... I could see the butterflies all over my room...ahahhaha sweet!
BUT. Well, the poor Rei-chan cried again.... really Kagami how can you be so mean to such a cute ex-boyfriend?!??!!
At least when he saved Rei-chan from that bad man was .... so.... manly! I don't know you, but the face when Kagami said "He is mine" was.... was... well, I desired of being Rei-chan...!!!!


Ķõħĩŧšūjî Ħõĸāĸû Ķěīĸāĸû M+CD #2 [GAME TIME!]

 .... An hello from +Cold Blood I'm still trying to be public and getting out from my shell.. so i really wanna give u all my thanks for all the love, the like and the smile... as we are sharing the same love for this lovely genre, all of u here has kept me from getting enough sleep these days cz u kept me going for the editing process.. (not that i ever complain)  ^^ ...  
...[you better not to, dear! Your beloved senpai's speaking ahahah]...
Now... I wanna break some news for u.. I'm already sharing with u my 100th vids since I'm here... (its a total celebration for me... ^^) and Roby and I made up some game over here.. my 100th video is somewhere in this playlist (kohitsuji cd2) and whoever can guess the right one, he/she can request me a project (manga+drama cd) and I will fulfill it..

Keep following these couples.... from Kaede point of view aahahhaha 

Mangaka: Minami Haruka
Release date: 31/08/2007
Miyata Kouki  Morikawa Toshiyuki
Fukushima Jun  Okiayu Ryoutarou
Fukui Shinsuke  Tachibana Shinnosuke
Shimozaki Hiroshi

P.S. So... just to riepilogate, +Cold Blood  arrived to the important step of 100 videos edited... The 100° is one of this project.... just try to guess which one and comment down here, the first who find the right one will have his/her favourite manga edited from her....! 
I guess I can't partecipate, coz I know the answer, right?!?!?!?  Tsk, I know perfectly  which manga I'd ask to you.... 
Ok... ready??? I'm curious to know who will be the winner!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Õŵāŗāŋāĩ Fũĸōũ ňī ŧsūīţė ŋō ħáŋâśħī part 6

Hi minna!!!

Just as you asked into the chatbox and emails I'm going to share the extra 2 of this amazing project... with this it can be considered complete! I just couldn't stop editing it and.... voilà... it was completely done... 
This extra is about a sexy and warm moment between Kyotake and Udou... It could seem a normal situation, but considering how many efforts were made to arrive here.... it's beautiful to see it!!!!
Well, here their moans are... ok headphones are needed without any doubts....! Don't say I didn't warn you before... I liked the idea of Kyotake caring about his partner while they are having... you know... that... It's sweet to worry about your partner pleasure before yours! And I'm stopping here aahahahhah! Into this videos there are alot of moments I consider precious! Like cooking for your beloved while he is next to you.... The neck kiss! Awwww sweet! And when Kyotake tried his best cooking for Uduo was priceless...
Anyway kazuaki with this I was able to give you a complete gift... Now I can proudly say THIS IS A PRESENT FOR YOU! Without blushing...!!!
I'll see ya tomorrow!


Õŵāŗāŋāĩ Fũĸōũ ňī ŧsūīţė ŋō ħáŋâśħī part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? For people who prefer to wait till the project is done, you can enjoy this one since yesterday! Hope you liked the main story, but as I've preannunced, there are extras too!
The first one, that I'm posting right now, it's taking us into the past... coz it talks about Miki and Udou (little brother) love story! But in a lot of ways, due the connection with this second story, we can enjoy and understand it plenty only now, with more informations on both Udou brothers!
Miki, like everyone of us in a certain moment of our life, has to think about the future....
Doubts, unsercurities and the sad but inevitable impact with the "real world" made him angry and scared... But when he confessed that even if difficulties and hard moments could await him, his love for Udou would never end... well... that exact moment I was happy of reading this manga.... 
Such deep emotions within this simple phrase.... Ok, I know, I get all emotional very easily.... but really... isn't it an amazing thing....??? If I think about how superficial Miki was at the beginning of this story, it's kind of difficult recognize him now... So in love, so serious about his future life and so focused on his love story....  This is incredible...
Well, I annoyed you to much with my opinions already!!!!Gomen gomen!!!
Time to enjoy!

P.S. I was so taken by this manga that I "accindentally" done the extra 2 already..... is it ok for me to post today, in order to consider this project completely done too???!?!
Let me know!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Õŵāŗāŋāĩ Fũĸōũ ňī ŧsūīţė ŋō ħáŋâśħī part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Happy Friday! Weekend is starting....!!!! Hehe... In my realm (here) this means only one thing.... >.<
Then.... about kazuaki's gift, I'm truly happy alooooot of you enjoyed it!!! Kazuaki's gift became all's gift....!!! Good thing right??!??!?!
Anyway, as you remember the first 2 parts were into Gosan... dramaCD... but I decided to make 2 playlists in order to manage these 2 different stories! If you ever want to pick this project from my "MANGA+DRAMA CD LIST" you'll find it clicking on "Gosan no H. serie"! So, you'll be able to watch it with the right order!
To make this a real gift I'll try to finish before the end of Sunday... It will still be the week of your bday... so we'll make all this time special... not only one single day ... isn't this better??!?!?!
This is the final part of the main story... BUT, there are extras too! We'll enjoy everything soon! I'm already working on them!
The final here made me melt.... Seeing that, at the end, Udou found the true happyness was so beautiful and fair... love is such a special gift... I'm happy he was able to enjoy it after alot of difficulties and bad experiences... When he was praying for his and everyone else's joy... it took me almost to tears! He changed and improved himself in order to love his man. Do you remember at the beginning, Udou was selfish, spoiled and a player... at the end he is madly in love and  Kyotake was the only one he could think about.... This is the development I like in a love story!
It's a long video... all for you....