Sunday, April 19, 2015


Ħīđōĸü Ŝħīňāîđē part 6

Hi minna!!!

Genki???Happy Sunday!!!! Yeah.... you already read this post's title right????!!!! Eto..... I'm going to edit the CD 2 of this amazing serie!!!! Do you remember them right???? The main post (that with the plot the manga cover and links will remain this Ħīđōĸü Ŝħīňāîđē)
This way if you want you can watch the first project again!!!! As I already did!!! It's fun like a test, you can see how much you remember of an edited manga!!! Lately I noticed that the CD tracks are longer than before.... I mean this first track was 30 minutes long..... too much.... I have to divide it in 2 or 3 parts..... Oh well, the result doesn't change the fact that this couple is really a good one!!!! When Maya was all angry for the first name story......ahahahhahha such a selfish side of him..... 
Friends celebrate with me for these two return to us!!!
Good thing that they decided to keep and doing the drama cd.... I hate when the drama of a good manga stops maybe at the good part, and you???? Nemu/Maya forever!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů part 2

          Hi minna!!!
Genki??? Happy saturday!!! I wanted to post this yesterday but I couldn't make in time! I'm truly happy you all enjoyed Senna's old request! Sorry if you made one and yet I still haven't made it.... But with time I will be able to edit some more requests!!! And Yoneda Kou is really amazing, right? Her manga are so full of emotions! I've forgotten how beautiful was this story, editing this project made me read it one more time!!!! And the cast is always so gooooood I love them! 
Enjoy!  Gif animate amore

P.S. Anyway just to share with you that Hidoku S. item arrived here 2 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yeahhhh! I will start it very very soon!!!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů M+CD

Side story of Đöüŝħīŧėmð Fūřěŧăĸūňāī. A story about Onoda and Deguchi  building a relationship.

Mangaka_ Yoneda Kou
Release date: 31/10/2014
Deguchi Harumi: Nojima Hirofumi     Onoda Ryo: Morikawa Tomoyuki
Shima Toshiaki: Nojima Kenji          Togawa Yousuke: Ishikawa Hideo

P.S. This is an old request of Senna! Dear, sorry for the long wait! You were asking me for the continuation (After 9/10 hours) of this serie! I hope that, even if after so much time, you'll like it! Love you friends!
P.S2. Hidoku S. will be delivered next week! I thought to use my time editing this old request! Hope you all will enjoy this!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Ãïŝōů Ťśūĸāŝħī 8

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok! Happy Saturday!!! It's sad coz this is the last video for this project... But the more intense one.... I loved the idea of Sawaragi-san who came rescuing Shuuya from Sone, so cool like a prince..... It can't be helped I'm romantic person.... ahahahhaha... And I liked when they (embarassed like kids) were keeping their hands while returning back home.... I enjoyed when they woke up one beside other the next morning... I was so happy seeing finally they loved each other tenderly after facing all the obstacles.... And I liked the warm family sensation at the very end with them and the cat happily preparing breakfast.... Well I think you understood that I love every single moment of this video! The story is amazing, it has everything I like reading into a manga, I hope you loved it as much as me! I read it has a continuation but, sadly, it's only a novel, "Hanabira Yuki", without the book! Anyway if someone who can understand japanese would like to translate it for everyone happyness let me know ok???? 
Enjoy friends!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ãïŝōů Ťśūĸāŝħī 7

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I've just made the order for Hidoku S. drama cd! While waiting the delivering I'll try to finish this ongoing project! The story is so breathtaking! I mean I've read it 2 or 3 times already but, if I have to tell you the truth, with the drama the feelings are so much stronger!!!! These parts are the best moments of the whole plot! When Sawaragi-san asked Shuuya to come back home I felt Shuuya desire to run into his arms crying! That was so deep!!!! I truly enjoyed Shuuya' character development the most! He is the example of what love can do, changing us into a better person without realizing... ! I hope you're liking this too!!! 
Sone you'll have what you deserve!!!! 

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hi minna!!!

Well, both on facebook and here I already said the you had time to vote till the 17.00 pm of today! This time what I had into my mind and your idea was the same!!!! I wanted to edit this and you showed your total agreement!!!! Indeed, according to your opinion, the winner is:

Hidoku Shinaide Vol. 2

Which continuation do you prefer?

Arigatou gozaimasu for being so many to answer to this survey! This is a way that make me feel closer to you! 
Hidoku Shinaide Vol. 2
Leopard Hakusho Vol. 2

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hi minna!!!
To tell you the truth I have an idea but before starting I wanted to ask for your opinion! These are two wonderful options and I love both of them! The project that will gain more votes will be the next one!!!
Ganbatte and vote!!!!