Thursday, September 22, 2016


If u still didnt find the link of my new website, send me an email HERE 
I will reply as soon as I can!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


New website link

Hi minna!

Ouhhh so nostalgic here! Just passing by here to tell that the new website is online and running! For social followers you already should see it.... for the others if u have problems to reach me you can send me an email... (can use the "make a request" app in the right of the page!) 
I will try to reply as fast as I can...! Enjoy

Sunday, August 28, 2016


New new news

Hi minna! 

Genki?!!??! Me??!?! Well, all considered, I'm more than ok!!!!  We had planned to release new projects today... it's Sunday! But...
Kissy BloodyKiss and me have an announce to do.... (dont know if it's good or not) but we received other flags/strikes these past 2 days.... Kissy lost her channel and I lost YouTube product access!!!! CheerS!!!!
It seems someone is fixed with my blog and get it reported and reported... no matter what difense you can create ... nothing can be done against who want to hurt u!
Well, in order to save my other channels and to bring you more yaoi possible.... we (well me in first place.... the poor Kissy BloodyKiss only follow me here...) MOVED.... yeah we are on another platform... my favourite for a yaoi blog (little help to find us) try to look over there our names... and be sure to follow there....
We are reuploading all our videos and projects there for now... I will put the link.... Actually im pretty excited to manage over there... (am i crazy?!!?!!).... 
So this blog is in standby but we can't be helped.... I tried to make a fuss in order to scare or keep silent in order to make this person feel like the one he is "A very sad person and lonely person"... both of cases this someone didn't stop.... so futile to ever try.... I'm stubborn yeah totally true but I perfectly know till where I can arrive... and we are in a not coming back point now!
Into our FB group we will keep posting our releases, games, news or everything comes into my mind!.. dont know about the page... we will discuss between +Cold Blood  and me... and whoever wants to give his/her opinion... anyway this blog will be remain online... coz we u have all the way to contact us... as always! so we only change place but we have alot in mind this is for sure!
Thanks for following me here so far... actually im pretty sad to leave this blog... this is my baby after all... (only one tear I swear, little little) eveything within here came out from my rotten mind... still haven't decided if i should be proud or scared about this fact aahhahhah well, hope to restart here not so far in time....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


New News

Well, hellooooo it's me AGAIN, yeah I know I'm a pain in the ass (sorry it's a yaoi blog after all hihihihi)! Ok Ok I'm serious now.... In my previous post (the 700° to be precise... damn.. I wanted to celebrate that number tsk!) I told you that when I would have news about this my newest little problem I would have written them here... so here I am!
I received this yesterday but it was late in the night so it wasn't the case to post right away! But it's not like I wasn't happy about it... on the opposite... I went and sent this to Cold Blood too (she was in her full sleep hihhi sorry my dear), but I had to share the good news... 
So the blog is safe for now... and the old is here to say...
Yeah this YFL*'s blog is ok now and ready to run with high spirit!
*Making a culture of  urban languange lately but thanks GOD I have Google... and with its power I can manage to learn and improve someway...
I have 2 interesting possible meaning of this acronym :
1 Option: "You Fucking Loser" Ohhhh yeah but doesn't wasting your time wathcing this loser's videos make you a loser more loser than a loser like me?
2 Option : "You Fucking Liar".... mmm doesn't faking appreciation you don't really feel make you a liar, bigger liar than a fucking liar like me????!!!! Oh well, feel free to pick one of the best option you like the most, whatever! It's totally ok with me! Maybe after this post new flags will come but oh well better 1 day as a lion than 100 as a sheep.... Made a backup tho.... just for you to know.... for a simple information!
Well, once again I truly thanks who sincerely sent me a message in whatever way you did, to let me feel your presence! 
For those who like to mess around... well... I really appreciate you dedicate your precious time to me but, believe me it's not needed! ... really, I mean it! Just don't care about me! Do/live/enjoy your life as I didn't exist... and focus your attention in something else, more productive!  It's not like I would be offended or affected by that ok?!??!!
Even my G+ account is back to normal now and my control panel icons and all is running perfectly!
About the lost series, little by little I will manage to upload them again and post the links here everyhing connected in their right place like it was before!
It will take a little but we have time!
See ya this weekend
Peace and love!
Bye bye!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



Hi minna!

This post is to reply to the keep going mails I receive and even if I tried to reply with fb some still keep asking... Anyway yes I received 7 or 8 or even more I couldn't count them well (3 mails by YouTube anyway) flags for copyright. Just to share what I knew about this kind of flags. I knew this kind of flag could have be done only by the right owner of the audio material.
CDs industries just put inside Youtube milions tracks database, their ones in order to avoid commoner users could upload and share them endlessy... well when I edit the video I purposely change/modify or compress the track in order to make them different from the original, this way original and my video track will never match... putting the video in private setting, it means unlisted, helped me to manage and mantain this blog safe from whatever danger...
Now it's highly impossible that big companies or indudtries like Shinshokan (for the whole Kuroneko serie) or Crown Works (for Puchitto H.) would ever take their precious time to surf into this little blog, follow the links and report them... quite impossible I think.. it means someone uses his time to report... I don't know how.... it would be great if you could teach me how too anyway...
Guys I don't know why I keep having this kind of problems lately but if someone out there has some unsettled business with me it's kindly invited to contact me directly or leave...
This kind of flags are different from those about nudity or esplicit sex scenes I received sometimes in these 4 years, coz these can bring me legal issues... this game is going to far for my tastes... coz my real life and future could be affected by that... I'm totally ok with you don't like what I do, and I respect you, I'm totally ok if someone can't stand me, it's not like I have to be loved by the whole  population. But this kind of behaviour is uncorrect and shameful... it shows weakness and the emptyness of your life.
Due this big amout of flags all in once Blogger removed my blog for some hours and when I realized this after coming back home and check, I managed to solve apparently, but I quite don't know what happened to my G+ acc. coz none of you followers appear to me anymore... first time this happens to me so I still have to understand what happened. My blog is still under control and don't know what Blogger will decide, still in confirming process. When I will receive some news I will post here.

Friday, September 27, 2013



For whose that never have been in Italy please enjoy the video 
of this wonderful photographer! Till 1:16 there are the most important
 and beautiful cities of Italy! Really I thanks God to be born in this 
marvelous country!!! I love everything of it....
We have a lots of problems too...and this economic crisis really don't
 help especially the young generation to find a right 
place into the society. I don't know where life can bring you...
but nowhere can be better than the country where
 you are born and grow up...
Everytime I watch this I almost feel tears...
I don't know what you feel for your nation this is what I feel for mine!