Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ãïŝōů Ťśūĸāŝħī M+CD

Having been sentenced to 5 years in prison for dealing drugs, yakuza Kyousuke Sawaragi just wants to finish his sentence and start a nice normal life far away from his past. So when he literally runs into former cellmate Shuuya, he's in no hurry to renew their acquaintance. Fate seems to have other ideas though, having the yakuza and Shuuya repeatedly cross paths with him. Can he really turn his back on all of it, especially if it holds out his one chance at finding true love?

Mangaka: Yamada Yugi
Company: Movic
Released: 23/02/2011
                                  Sawaragi: Morikawa Toshiyuki     Kasuga Shuya: Takeuchi Ken
                                                    Izumi: Hino Satoru     Takatsudo: Yusa Kouji

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Ķüĉħîđžŭĸė ŵā ūšō ňō āĵī part 5

Hi minna!

Genki??? Happy Sunday! Here today is a cold and windy day..... no feel about going out at all!!! Why almost all weekends have such bad weather.... No fair!!!! Anyway alot of new fans here! WELCOME feel as you're at your home and enjoy your stay!!!! Well, this post is dedicated to the last part of Wachi/Makio' s love story. Hope you liked this whole project! It was sweet, funny and sexy at the same time, and I really enjoyed editing it!  It's a wonderful happy ending! I loved the warm sensation that the last pic gave me! These two will be happy together! Yeah a good pair! Enjoy till the end! 
So said I want to discuss with you about the future! I had a lil of free time and checked on the net of some of your old (gomen for not granting right away all of your requests) requests and some of them, in the while have been already edited by other great video editors, I mean "Liking you" (Renai a la carte), you can enjoy it in Dailymotion from Sarah Tsuda channel, wonderful! So Nanami, sorry my friend for not being able to edit your request, I'm an only person team so I can't manage all of your wishes in time! Forgive me ne???. Regarding Totally captivated, requested by Shy and Senna, well girls the original drama language is Korean, and sorry I tried but I could'n edit a video, korean is too difficult for me and I can't understand a thing..... Forgive my ignorance but japanese is a lot easier for me!!! So gomen, forgive me you too, ok??!!! For other requests, maybe it's not right but I'll edit basing on my mood, I'm the one who put efforts editing after all, I think I have the right to freely chose the project I like more at the moment, always among your requests, this may sound selfish, I know, but I'm a human being with goo and bad points so bear with it ne???!!! 
Always remember I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Ķăřė ɉȧ ƞāī ĸėđō part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok! Hope you are too! Anyway did you like my LOVE GIFT!???!! Well,  was this enough to make you realize how much I love you and all of these mangas??? I think, yes it was enough! However, just to be sure you don't mistundertang, I'm not planning to edit Saezuru.... right now! I know alot of people asked me for it, but it's still ongoing, and I think it will need time in order to be completely transalted! Those videos were only meant to surprise you with this little present of a wonderful mangaka like Yoneda Kou is!!! So I'm going to finish Wachi/Makio story first and then finally start a request of yours! If you have more questions please don't hesitate to let me know ok???!!!!!
Enjoy another video of Shinonome/Yuki!!! Shinonome's voice is definitely one of my favourite, deep, masculine and sexy..... I will edit more of these two!!!!  

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Śāėżūřū Ŧōŕī ŵā Ħābâŧāĸāňāī M+CD

Yakuza Yashiro, who only ever loved Kageyama, meets a new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara. Unfortunately, the latter is impotent. The masochistic, lewd and beautiful yakuza Yashiro and his silent, clumsy, impotent subordinate, Doumeki. This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.

Magaka: Yoneda Kou
Release date: 2013-10-23
Shingaki Tarusuke (Yashiro)  Yasumoto Hiroki as (Kageyama)
Ono Yuuki  (Kuga)

Friday, February 13, 2015


Ħâřü ŵō Đāŧĕīŧā part 8

Hi minna!

Genki??? Well, today I'm not feeling ok at all, I stayed all day along lied on the bed..... I have a cold, or better to say, my mother passed it to me.... I was taking care of her, and so staying to close, is inevitable.... I took it too.... however, considering the cold weather out there, it's not so bad staying into a warm and confortable bed...  the negative thing is that I fell dumb and without any force... oh and like if a truck passed on me...!!!!!! Oh mo ii............ Think positive, think positive, think positive... I had already edited a video before feeling bad.... I didn't have the chance to post it..... well I will do it now!!!! Another video of this long long long project..... luckily it's an amazing and erotic plot.... if it wasn't, I had already gone crazy for thinking about how long it is!!! Here when I saw Iwaki cry, well... I can't hide you that I almost cried too.... It was so sad seeing him suffer like that for love... He was so weak and sweet.... On the other hand, Kato at the end was so lovable and touching.... I liked this video!
Enjoy! Kisses!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015


Ķüĉħîđžŭĸė ŵā ūšō ňō āĵī part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Here you are the video I should have shared with you yesterday! Gomen, my internet connection wasn't working the whole two days! Not enough for uploading a long video like this! This is the 4° chapeter! Only another part left for this amazing project! Makio's request of money was only a test according to me.... Poor Wachi! A sex wallet..... ahahahahahha I laugh so much when I read it!!!!!So ironic!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I had problems with Internet connection so I'm still trying to upload the video, I don't know if I'll be able to do it right now.... I presume tomorrow will be better! In the while I wanted to share with you the last song of my FAVOURITE singer! She is simply superb for me!!!! Her voice can me feel dumb and speechless! I love her since the first time I heard her years ago! Give her a try and let me know!