Sunday, July 27, 2014


Đëɤīľŝ Ħōňėŷ M+CD

Popular teacher Sugaya-san has to keep an eye on a gang of thugs in the school, particularly their leader Tatsumi Yoshino, the “Devil of Nami High.” However, he soon finds out that not only is Yoshino a decent guy, but he’s been idolizing Sugaya for over a year! It doesn’t take long for Yoshino to win over the reluctant teacher and the two start a secret love affair. Can a teacher/student relationship really work and how long can these two hide their secret?

Managaka: Natsume Isaku 
Release Date: 2014年06月25日
                                                        Hatano Wataru   Yoshino Hiroyuki 
                                                          Shimono Hiro   Yasumoto Hiroki 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ķãŧėĸŷō part 8

Hi minna!!!

Genki???? I'm still on time for my Saturday release....... Here is 30 minutes to midnight so.... There is time....!!!! Anyway thanks for the numerous comments messages and emails, I have the best followers! These aren't only empty words, I mean them! ............So tomorrow I'll give you a present, yup time passed since my last gift to you so tomorrow...... in the while, how about another lesson???? Do you need a tutor??? I can suggest you a good one... TRUST ME.....he is the best professor you could have....ahahahhahaha, or maybe if we were a boy we could enjoy more.......!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's ok! We love him the way he is right????  This video took me a week, it is quite long, so enjoy at let feelings take your heart! They are so goooooooood together!!!!!!!

RINTAROU!!!!!!!! I think you are the cutest lover Kaede-san could take!!! So considerate and madly on love with him.... Kaede, you are just a lucky man...And ganbatte ne??!! His Oni-chan is here....Try to don't lose against him....
P.S. Time to write this post: ten minutes....but I'm still on time!!!!             

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Ŷūmē Müŝūbï ĸŏī Müŝūbï part 2

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I didn't received a lot of comments about the last project, at least not how had imagined.... but the truth is that since the first time I've read it and understood it had got a drama cd, I've always always wanted to edit it! I loved Ao's semplicity and honesty. His way to live his life and to feel his true love for his Ryoumei san. I've always liked this! It gives me that feeling of positivity and hope that everything will be allright....And Ao make me laugh so much...!!!!
Anyway here you are the second part of it! Enjoy the video!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi minna!!!!

Genki??? So....the new project is a request of "......" yeah I'm not joking.....he/she signed in this way....It's truly a pity you didn't left me your name, but well I'm editing it now, so I hope this will make you happy, thank you for contacting me!!! You but every fangirl of the world who follow me please enjoy!!!! When I read this manga for the first time, I was amazed by the semplicity and the sweetness of Ao, he is spontaneous and adorable, and his voice is amazing.... This seyuu is really good, his way perfectly match with the character... I loved the combination.... And Ryoumei-san is strong but undecided sometimes... A cute love story...  
Anyway ...Do you know the sexiest Butler on this planet????? The anime is so cool!!!! Did you watch it???

I am a Prince.....


Ŷūmē Müŝūbï ĸŏī Müŝūbï M+CD

High school student Ao decides he’s in love with Ryoumei-san, a priest at the local shrine and Ao’s childhood friend. Not one to beat around the bush, Ao immediately tells Ryoumei he wants to do perverted things together, but it will take more than a little persuading to get the shocked Ryoumei into bed. Between bad advice, romantic rivals, and Ryoumei’s scruples, there are many obstacles in the path of true love.

Mangaka: Sakuragi Yaya
Company: MOVIC 
Release Datee: 25/12/2008
(Sawanoi Ao): Kaji Yuuki (Ryoumei Kousaka): Ookawa Tooru 
(Chizusu Shuuji): Yusa Kouji  (Shunpei): Maeno Tomoaki

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Ķãŧėĸŷō part 7

Hi minna!!!!

Genki??? I'm tired these days... I have the feeling that my enthusiam is near the 0....In fact it took me days to edit another video of my favourite Home Tutor.....Weird, right???? It looked like it was the first time I was editing a was difficult...the timing, the image editing and stuff...Mah...... I wasn't concentrated to what I was doing...I had a lot of thoughts into my mind... I know I had promised about a new project release today but I didn't feel about making a new one.... Sorry.... Anyway this should be good enough considering my current mood.............The only thing I know is that I have to choose quickly the new project so my will, heart and enthusiam will be happy and satisfatied!!!!What should I do????
Here Kaede was anxious, could it be that Rintarou was cheating him??? OMG!!! Even a manly lover like him as doubts and fears....this make him more human and adorable... Rintarou is can I say.... sweet can't give the full meaning I want...he is..... like an angel....