Friday, April 25, 2014


Ċŕīmśōň Ŝρȇll part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Another video of this supernatural yaoi! Amazing, right??? I loved the coloured images...they are great!!! I enjoy every manga of this super mangaka!!! Her characters are just too sexy....if they were real men I think every woman would fall in love with them, do you agree???
I smiled when Vald said "I know this lips and body"...... Yeah you know it too much ahahhhahah poor you!!! If you knew what happens when you trasform.....You would die from the embarassment ahahhahah don't worry you'll find out all the answers you need.....Right now you just keep caring about Hal....he needs you!!! 
Friends enjoy this part!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Đöüšħīŷōūmȍ ƞãî Ķėřėđô part 7

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm so so, due a cold...Today at work nobody wanted to get near me....Dudes...they were joking with me....I have got such collegues....In my office we play and laugh about stupid things....I truly love this...I've always wondered how people can be serious 24 h per day into an office...Today was my turn to be played with....Ahahahha they made me laugh so much....Anyway now I'm into my bed just to rest a bit ready for a new day of work tomorrow.....and what could I do if not editing something....I always use every moments of my's stronger than me....I can't resist....Oh it's more correct to say, I don't want to resist.....ahahahahh.....How was your day, instead? Did something good happen? I hope yes...and I hope to contribute making your day better...My beloved fans please enjoy this part where Shimano is madly jelaous of Kurokawa's ex wife, and Kurokawa is madly jelaous of a collegue....ahahhaaahah they are just too cute for me.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Püċħīŧŧō Ħāĵīƙėŧā M+CD

Ashitaka’s an out and proud gay man, trawling for booty calls at his favorite gay bar—but only bottoms need apply, because Ashitaka only tops! His first attempt at gay sex three years ago ended painfully and embarrassingly, and he vowed to never yield his ass to another man again—but fate has decided to throw the very man responsible for his ‘bottom trauma’ back into his life, and the guy’s looking for a fresh start.

Magaka:Kanda Neko
(Ashitaka) - Toriumi Kousuke (Noshiro) - Maeno Tomoaki

Monday, April 21, 2014


Project's plan 3

Hi minna!!!
p( `o´ )q OSSU!

I'm making this post just to tell you somenthing and let you know what a creazy person like me is going to do next....Now taking a look at the requests made to me by my wonderful followers we can see:
  1. Iberiko buta to koi to tsubaki-sara. Hi girl! Thank you for contacting me, this is an amazing suggestion but I think this project is already made by Pookie Pie on her Dailymotion channel, I don't remember if she finished it already, sorry I haven't got the time for watching others videos. But she is great so enjoy her videos.
  2. Junai no Seinen- luffy-schatz. Hi! Thank you for making a request....But sorry no drama cd found for it....There is one for Kaouru's cousin love story...and I'm thinking about editing it, but for your particular request I didn't found the dramacd. If you want to ask something else you are free to do it, ok???
  3. So the next in the arrival order is Kami  ...Hi friend! Thank you for giving me new ideas! You made two requests at the same time so, I can chose between your two suggestions... I've already decided what to do, so I want to say that now it is your turn....Lisa Anderson made the same girls you are served!!!!
Guys thank you for supporting me!!! If you have any new suggestion or request please don't esitate.....Ok???? Have a nice day....I'm going to sleep here it is half past eleven pm....Bye bye
Mata ashita!!! 
*: ;,。・★Thanks(◎≧v≦)人(≧v≦●)Thanks☆・:.,;*


Ċŕīmśōň Ŝρȇll part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki????Here today is the last day of this holiday break....
Yup! is it possible that holidays finish so fast....why???Why???WHY?????
Anyway I have to make a reason for it....and let my heart goes in peace....
I'm thinking to start a new project, at least until the new translations of RnK will be out, and I will be able to finish editing videos for it... but I have not decided yet... So many ideas are in my mind right now!!! I have my personal requests and my audience's ones and I can't decide....I'm always excited when I have to chose a new project....because new things help me to improve my spirit....not only in video editing but generally speaking in everything in my life....Mmmmmhhh I'll think about it carefully!!! In the while what about watching another video of this fantastic manga???? I like it because you can see funny, sexy, serious parts....and I love how this variety can be read/listened in only one chapter.....Enjoy friends!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Đöüšħīŷōūmȍ ƞãî Ķėřėđô part 6

Hi minna!!!

Aren't they cute and sweet together???? Yes, they are, definitely!!! Just the best pair: Kurokawa, honest ironic and cool, Shimano, cute, sweet and ....jealous!!! I think I understand him, I mean Kurokawa was straight and he was married too, it's inevitable having doubts and fears... Every human being would feel insecure... An ex lover shared moments that you can't delete....I also would feel jealous of those memories!!! It's unfair, I know, but if you love someone it's like you want everything of him/her (heart, body, soul and mind). 
Here we'll see a new person! Will she change their feeling??? I really love them, their moments, their fights and their relationship!!! So enjoy the video!!!!