Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok! Well a lot of new friends just dicovered this little yaoi heaven ...... Well guys, you're more than welcome!!! This place is made with the only purpose of enjoying all these wonderful manga with their drama cd..... Today I'm going to post the last track of the  Disck 1 part 1 of this amazing project....well this video is a little bit sad. Rio cries coz realized his true feeling for Tomo-chan, Tomo-chan cries coz Rio left him....and an old Tomo-chan's friend appeared trying to hit on Rio.... And do you want to talk about what happened between them during the fireworks???? Well, this mangaka always make such sexy stories...don't you think???? Enjoy!!! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Ķãŧėĸŷō part 13

Hi minna!!!!

Genki??? Happy saturday!!!! Finally weekend is here!!!! Just relax and enjoy ourself!!!! Well, thamks for your emails, they are quite numerous.....!!! I'll try to answer to all of them, if I don't please don't take it in your heart, I simply forgot, if this is the case please write me again coz I WANT to reply to you so no problem with that!!! Today I'm going to post another lesson from our amazing tutor Kaede-san!!! I particularly loved this part since the first time I read the manga. Here Rintaoru is so sweet and adorable, forced to decide between his love for Kaede and the thought about the best thing to do for his future..... Heart vs Reason..... And it always make me feel so much emotions the way he cries while trying to break up...... I don't know if you feel the same....Enjoy the video!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Ŷūmē Müŝūbï ĸŏī Müŝūbï part 7

Hi minna!

 Genki??? I'm happy you appreciated the whole project edited by Marinela! She made a good job picking also a great story!!! Plus I love the seme voice (Takano-san forever!!!), a little bit less the uke one...I don't know why...but this voice actor isn't in the "My favourite uke" list....For her it was a problem doing a Youtube channel or managing a blog, so....I saw her wonderful videos and how couldn't I share them???? Impossible!!!!! Ahahahahah anyway, what about another part of Ao's love adventures!!!! Well during this part he is so full of doubts, and his friend too, Shunpei, isn't making things easier....Ao really loves Ryoumei-san. But Ao, don't worry, no nurse can stand against you!!!! Enjoy the video!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Ŝōňō țė ňō Ňėţśũ ŵō Ķāšānĕŧĕ M+CD

Nagisa Takakage just opened a restaurant, and finds himself involved with a strange regular customer. All the chefs agree that Kouga Nagisa is a real beauty, and nobody minds that he shows up to ask them questions at work. After Kouga gets himself drunk at the restaurant though, Nagisa is forced to take him home, and finds things heating up a bit.

Mangaka: Fujiyama Hyouta
Release Date: July 27, 2011

P.S. This project was edited entirely by Marinela Solar (Good girl!!!). This is the first manga she edited and asked me to post it here, so all of us, yaoi fans of the whole world, could enjoy it! All these videos are the result of her amazing work! You are really good, Marinela! When I started I wasn't so good as you!!!! A little bit of practise and you'll be perfect!!!! Minna we have to say thanks to her!!!! 
P.S. I decided to leave everything like you did, it was all good according to me and everyone now already know that here into this blog everything talks about yaoi....so no worries and thanks again!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 2

Hi minna!

Genki??? I'm ok! Here you are part 2 of my last project....Friends I know that some of you wanted me to edit the other choices....I mean in every contest there is one that is voted more than others...It's a rule, otherwise there wouldn't be meaning in me asking you for advices, right??? Well it was hard picking only one among them, according to me, it's only a matter time, we have a plenty of time for enjoy what all of these faboulus mangas can offer to us....And honestly I don't think Darling is so bad after all......ne????
So said, please enjoy poor Rio's homo cure training....well they surely are enjoying this right???Ahahahahahha It's a long track, for our heart's happyness!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hi minna!!!

Due the success of the first post about this topic (I recived a lot of messages and mails), I decided to share more with you about my music tastes. There will be mostly Italian music, but I love international music as well, we could discuss about our same/different tastes!!!! Then this is an Italian band, 883, which was so famous few years ago... I like them a lot! This is a love song, the title is "Sei fantastica" in english you can translate it saying "You are wonderful". It talks about women's strength, not only physical but the mind one, women are able to surpass all the obstacles that are in her way, without complain or run away....
I suggest you to up the volume at max! I love listening music with headphones at max volume!!!! ;)
Enjoy and, if you want, comment!


Ķãŧėĸŷō part 12

Hi minna!!!!

Genki???Happy Sunday! Today is my last day off....yeah from tomorrow I'll be back to work... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... another summer is gone..... so sad............. I mean I will keep going to the beach, I'm so near,but....But.....BUT.....Well don't make me think about it......let me think about something different and better....like....oh yeah.....Rintarou-kun and Kaede-san!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Rintarou' first day working wasn't so good but....they are happy and so madly in love each other that anything more matter....Right? Will be Kaede-san family be ok, with his love choice????!!!!Obstacles seem to be around the corner...Well, enjoy the video!
See ya!

P.S. I'm not sure about school in your country, but are you already back to school? Here in Italy it will start at the end of the next month, so....students here are very lucky!!!!! ;)