Friday, July 29, 2016


Ŧōŧāŀŀŷ Ƈăƿŧīʋɑʈěđ part 7

Hi minna!!!

Genki???!!!? Watashi wa genki desu! Sooooo one week passed huh??!? Well, it seems like Mookyul's time is finally arrived.... Another video of this ongoing korean project and finally we are starting to see something... a timid beginning??? Maybe.... 
I like how sexy and provocative Mookiul is while telling (you're wathing me like you want to lick me all over" ahahahahaha so direct!!! I was like WHAT?!?!? Incredible... no matter if I've read this or not... there are still things I completely forgot... I mean I totally got the plot and characters aim but the details make this so new!
And that accident!!!! Yeah when they were just children was hilarious ahahhahah
Hope you like this part!
Sooooo enjoy and see ya tomorrow!!!!
Thank you +Cold Blood as always!!!  ;)

Thanks corner:
... And just when I opened my Tumblr I found this! Well, thanks amh369 for this meme!
It's the first time I receive one and you sure made my day! IT's a small thing I perfectly know, but I'm so easy to please ahahahha!
Knowing that someone spent his time doing this thinking about me made me happy!
And I'm happy you found here your favourite manga edited!
Hope to make more for you.... and if you want to suggest something.... I'm here you know hehehehehe
Thanks guys as always and for everything 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō Ňākāsɇƙɑtɑ part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok!!! Half melted like an ice cream left out of the fridge but OK! THE BEST! WONDERFUL! IT'S NOT SO HOT... I'm trying to convince myself mainly...... They say that if you repeat a thing alot alot alot of times you will convince that that thing is true... maybe they are right!?!??! Boh!!! I'm giving a chance anyaway and see what happens!!!
Now.. straight to the point!...
Ehm.... friends.... I'm really glad and overwhelmed by your messages and mails but as I tried to explain this time I didn't do anything really!!!
First: Before explaining how this video was possible I'd like to make something clear... I'm not into scanlation world and never be for only one simple reason... I'm not talented enough.... That work means precision, details care, time, patience and graphic knowlenge that I don't have really! So those that asked me help well I'm sorry but I'm really not qualificated enough for helping you with your awesome work... The only thing I can do is being the more precise I can and giving you all the credit you deserve for letting us enjoy the mangas!
Second:... today I'm posting the extra of Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō Ňākāsɇƙɑtɑ
you know the one I mentioned at the end for the video....  it wasn't translated yet but.... just after seeing the last part Babe (thanks dear) sent to me the translations in ENG! Sooooo as I did in the past for NightS (extra) and the last part of Aijin Incubus I tried to put her translations into the page....
well, I'm too ashamed to show to you all, my result.... no no please NO...
So a girl who once proposed herself to help me into this adventure came into my saving... hihihihi
I'm talking about +Sakura Kuji as I've said I'm sorry for not understand first the importance of your skills but I'm not into this kind of world so I couldn't understand... When she offered her help for whitening manga I replied like "white what????" Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking right now...
She worked really hard and in just one day she removed the japanese speech and put the ENG sentences...  I'm pretty sure there is a term to identify the person who does this into a scan group....  And I was like WOW like the light speed! Thanks really!
The only thing I could do was asking around to one of the group who was working on  Kuroneko serie if they were already working on it or not, and if they wanted the tranlsated scans coz I didn't have the idea on how to share them with all the community.
Yecenia (admin of an amazing team Pink Cherry Blossom Scans) kindly replied, improved the scans and let every true yaoi lover enjoy another great extra of the sexiest couple around here... I had this video ready but I waited till them finished and posted pubblicy the chapter!
Happy we all could manage to enjoy this extra too!!!! Thanks dear for you amazing work! 
And I'm truly honoured you spent your time posting these amazing girls name... she made this possible and I'm happy you added them into this process... 

BABE Translations+
SAKURA Whitening+
YECENIA TEAM improvement

I think we have to say thanks only to them! 
I used the original scans of Sakura coz I truly appreciated and loved her dedication and quick way of doing...!
In the scan group website you can download the chap! 
Soooooo while everyone was working very hard my role was..... was.... etto.... I was waiting for them to finish doing all the dirty job hihihi.... ouh no no wait.... I mailed.... and connected all these people.... hey it was an hard and tiring thing you know??!?!! >.<
Well, I understood one thing... we can't never never never have enough of Shingo and Kagami... so proud of everyone contribuited for this release and honoured to have it posted here!!!
Enjoy the video!!!
This can be considered as a complete project too!!!
So see ya with the next new manga (already in progress)...!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Ƈăƒě Ĺāŧŧē ŘħāƥŝōƋƴ M+CD


About two guys who have a very "scary" meeting at a bookstore. Serizawa is your usual nice young man working at a bookstore, when one day he chances upon a strange customer. Immensely tall and intense-eyed, this stranger is a shock for Seri at first sight. That is, until upon further observation, Seri realises that the tall stranger is in reality, a painfully shy and gentle young man named Keito. As the two youths meet more and more often in the bookstore, they begin an earnest and sweet friendship.  

Mangaka:  Kawai Touko
Publisher:- Libre
Release Date: 12/2008
Cast :
Tsuda McLeod Keito: Hatano Wataru (seme)
Serizawa Hajime: Suzumura Kenichi (uke)
Shiraishi: Konishi Katsuyuki

P.S. To +Mafalda Modesto I don't know if you will read this! I truly hope you'll enjoy the project that brings me back in time! I could add years!!!! Ok it's not like I'm feeling old right now... (maybe a little bit! XD). Thank you +Cold Blood for this!!! I mean the manga not that you're making me feel like an old lady ahaahah
And I didn't know this was such a long one! Hehe hope you're going to excuse myself for a little... just the time for enjoying the whole thing!!!!

P.S. 2 Guys thanks for all your messagge about dead links, it's due the strikes on Youtube of the other day! I'll fix the Puchitto H. project as fast as I can! I'll tell you when it will be avaible again!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Ɣĭĕŵƒīnƌėř part 4

Hi minna!!

Wow I usually copy and paste a post's title changing only the number of the part I'm sharing and I was almost shocked on how many I had to scroll to find the previous one of this project.... gomen gomen... I hope Emily, Mireille and all the others will not be "bad" (mad) at me XD
I have this ready since a bit of time! Now I 'm more than happy to share with you the first track of CD2... you remember right? We left them (Asami/Akihito) after a hot scenes at the boss club.... but CD2 followes Asami/Fei Long story... well actually I've never understood of these two share some sort of feelings each other... I confess I've read the manga more than one time just to understand it.... and now still I didn't get if it's a yes or not... I think Fei Long will have feelings for him... but I don't know if they were mutual...
On Facebook I saw alot of images or discussions about all the pars avaible into this manga... BUT for me Asami is only for Akihito.... just a personal opinion anyway!
When I recognized Yantsu (Fei big bro) voice I was sooooo excited! My beloved Joshua of Sex Pistols CD3 is here!!!! And wow...  even if he is an asshole here.... but oh well.... the voice is just too sexy for me! I truly love it! 
Truth is I've always looked for another project in which I could enjoy him again!!!
Ehm... I miss Akihito already ahahaah
enjoy the video!!!


Ŧōŧāŀŀŷ Ƈăƿŧīʋɑʈěđ part 6

Hi minna!!!

Genki???? Happy Saturday!!! Today a wonderful sunny day here! Perfect for the beach and sea... it was a little cold (sea)... but so refreshing!!! Feel aloooooot better!!!
Now ..... I think this is probably the first day since +Cold Blood and I are working on projects of the same genre (yakuza),  we are able to release the same day.... (and this never happened first for me.... not for her for sure ahahaah!) BUT and there is a BUT...I'm able today!!!
Then let's start with the korean mafia should we?!?!?!
Today she brings to us the CD 2 first track... the playlist will be one so you can enjoy the whole result once it's completely done editing! Sugoi idea....
This serie is a very long one... me bow to you... queen of long serie hihihihi!!
In this video Ewon meet with that old "uncle"... the shop moment was hilarious... when Ewon understood all of those expensive clothes were a normal thing and said "I want to be part of the family" hihihihi... and at the end, the moment when Mokyuul's hand was like a devil one ahahhah .... 
Enjoy the video!
See ya later!!!