Saturday, July 4, 2015


Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā part 5.5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Did you enjoy yesterday post???? I'm sure you did!!! Well, here you are the extra, as I've said, the last track of the CD1. The next one (CD2) was already released, in April I think, and it keep following their battle for this planet conquering!!! Simply amazing! 
Today, with this last video I felt like Kamiko proposed to Maou, and I think it was so sweet and lovable, I loved that moment so much!!! Stop with the drama would have been really a pity! Thanks alot to all japanese seyuu and producers for doing the continuation!!!!
I love you all!!!!
Enjoy the part friends!
See ya!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015


Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? A wonderful weekend is waiting for us for sure.... I feel it!!!! I'm in a good mood right now....!!! Soooooooooooo, today I wanted to post another hot and great video between my favourite Hero and Devil!!!!!! The sake contest is so amazing! When I saw the happy face of the winner I thought he was so cute!!!! They're so perfect! I would like to be a Devil too....  
Going to Kamiko and say "here I am, now subjugate me"!!!!!!!!!
Damn.... why not???? WHY??!!!! Strong seme are my favourite ones....
Just one more thing this is the last long track of this CD1, there is only an extra left for me to edit (I think it will be ready for tomorrow), after I will keep editing the CD2 but, as you all know, this manga is still ongoing so maybe I'll wait until the next 2 chapters will be done translating in English.
In the while enjoy the video!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Ŝŧāŷ Ğōŀđ M+CD

After a failed attempted at bleaching his hair and ending up in a fight on the day of the entrance ceremony at his high-school; Ken is already off to a bad start with a bad first impression as nothing more than another delinquent.
Mizuki, Ken's best friend and secret crush, was the only person he met after that not to label him negatively just because of his appearance, but maybe that's because neither Mizuki is just the cute and innocent guy he appears to be.

Mangaka: Miu Ootsuki
Released Date: 2009/12/25
Takeuchi Ken x Yonaga Tsubasa
P.S. Personally I think that the seme shouldn't have a girlier voice than the uke's. It's a waste.... However, I really liked the plot, light and funny, so even if the cast disappointed me a little I decided to start editing this manga. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů part 9

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Happy Saunday!!! Today we have to say sayonara to Onoda and Deguchi-san! Yeah yeah, I know it's sad I feel you BUT they left us in the best way possible, right? They overcome jelaousy and imcomprehensions and, at the end, they look inside theirself and find out the real feeling of love that brings them together..... Love can make us act like a bunch of idiots sometimes!!!! 
Anyway Youneda Kou is one of my favourite mangaka in absolute! Her works are sexy but deep, funny and serious at the same time! I really appreciate her! I hope to edit a lot more of her!
Enjoy the video guys!
Ja na!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů part 8

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Watashi wa genki desu!  I'm really happy coz I received a lot of voice mails.... Ahahahahha Minyarè, Cin, Lynn, Risa, Holiday B., Issy and others..... friends you made me laugh a lot!!! Funny people stay here and keep me company!!!! Thanks I love you too!!! I can't reply to all because I'm almost never alone at my house so if my family would hear me speaking in English they would rush in my room asking if I'm feeling well..... Ahahahahahh I will reply when I'll be able to!!!!
Here you are another video for this good story! I think that the way this video starts, I mean the feelings, is so sweet and warm...  ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)  ..... 
I liked less when they start telling lies each other.... 
Baka  couple...
Enjoy this! Only one left!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā part 4

Hi minna!!!!

Genki??? I hope you had a wonderful sunday! Are you already going to the beach in order to swimm and get some sun??? Today was my first time going this year..... I'm so pale..... wuaaaaaaa I had to became darker soon.... It's summer after all, and remaining pale is not good!!!!
Well, you know yesterday we left these two in a not so good situation so I needed to know what will happen next... and I did the right thing.... !!!!!
This was one of the sweetest first time I've edited! I loved everything, the soundtrack, the images and THEM, when they did it and kindly Kamiko hugged him and said "I'm happy it was you".... well I wanted to cry for too much love coming out from the PC.... LOVED IT REALLY....
Enjoy friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā part 3

Hi minna!

Long time no see, genki??? I'm fine! As you noticed little by little the situation is almost got to normal here..... The majority of projects is fixed and I will end the fixing soon! For this bad occasion I have a reason to re-watch old completed manga, it felt so nostalgic....!!!!
Well, here you are another episode of the eternal battle between the Devil and the Hero!!!! I really love these two! They are a funny and sexy pair! The story is sweet, and I like so much the way Maou is going to give up and admit he loves Kamiko! He is so pure and innocent! Kawaii!!!! And reading while listening such a good seyuu is great! I have the feeling that Maou and Kamiko couldn't have had a better voice, everything seems fitting perfectly according to me!!!!