Sunday, June 26, 2016


Ķiřăi ɉȧ ƞāī ĸėđō M+CD #3

Yukimura is a formidable student. However, he has a past which he doesn't want to be discovered. The only person who knows about his secret is his childhood friend, Shinonome, the number-one problem student in the school! How far would Yukimura go to silence Shinonome!?

Author: Sakuraga Mei
Release Date : 2013-02-18
Hiyama Nobuyuki x Toriumi Kousuke
Midorikawa Hikaru x Mizushima Takahiro

P.S. Lot of you always asked which was my favourite couple of the Warui serie! Well, without knowing +Cold Blood replied to your question..... hheheheheheh here you are! Shinonome/Yuki is my pair number 1 of this! Just enjoy another her complete project! I think it was soooo much time since I've seen this manga edited... Maybe  since Fluffy sama old times!  I'm glad to be able to enjoy it again! Hope you too! With this we could fulfill and enjoy our NOSEBLEED DAY!!!!  ;)
See ya next weekend! 


Ɣĭĕŵƒīnƌėř part 2

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Good Sunday!!! Sorry but yesterday I didn't have the time posting the usual release made by me but thanks to Kissy we could enjoy an update of one of our ongoing projects! I wanted to do it yesterday and make our yakuza celebration... gomen gomen!
So I want to make you forgive me by posting my yakuza project! Here the second video of one of the best manga I've read.... We can call it a MUST, and for what I've read lately not so good news came about it! Some deleted accord between pubblishing companies will make things difficult for all the English readers... Hoping things will be for the best for all of us quickly!

Feilong is here and had the first encount with Takaba... And about the his rescue... well I remember that in OVA Asami seemed gentler toward the schocked and scared Takaba.... I love his voice tone there.... now listening to the dramaCD I had a colder impression of the feelings involved in that scenes.... a personal opinion anyway....oh well, maybe it's coz I'm in love with Kuroda Takaya so he seems so perfect to me that others doesn't convince me till the end...???!?! Maybe!

But before it, I want to say that I had to come back to the page coz dealing with the group wasn't easy and quick like the page, everytime I added a new memeber fb always asked me credentials and it became quite a trouble for me take care of everything (simply I don't want to insert my personal mobile number on the social), and I miss recommending mangas or simply share what I'm reading with you all as I did before too much, even more I read fb rules and not only a group can be reported too, (my main reason was to be able to prevent it), but it's easier closing a group than a page, I still can't understand why but so it seems... so I decided to go back managing the page just enjoying till I'm able. The group is still there, for whatever you want to share with me but  I'll give here my Facebook page link . Also if you take a look at your right into the "follow me gadget" you'll see all the way you have to follow the updates or everything crosses my mind!
Now I received a mail in which Eiri told me surfing into this blog is not so easy! Well, I think it can be due the special characters I use to name mangas, they make them impossible to serch throught the search bar you see on the homepage.... I can give you an advice in my idea of structuring this blog, I'll show it here so everyone can follow basing their needs and desire.
This is the HOMEPAGE right? :

now depending on what you want to do:
if you have a specific or favourite mangaka or seyuu you can choose among the tags - the numbers tell in how many projects you can find them :

or you can choose the general tag: YAOI:     So all the manga will appear in the chronological order
Or, if you haven't a specific idea in mind and simply want to enjoy a random project according your mood or simply re watch one of them, you can go to another section of the blog:
and choose between ongoing ones or the whole collection I've made since the beginning (the only suggestion I can give is to put the fullscreen mode and click the link (the title) of the manga you prefer:
I'm sorry but I couldn't think about a better way to manage all these projects and I don't like endless pages with a boring lists, I like to see the cover images and create new gadgets everytime! But if you have suggestions or idea to find other way to make all of this easier I'm here!
Hoping this simple explanation can be useful for you all. if not just send me an email again! 
See ya later for our NOSEBLEED DAY and double release!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Ŧōŧāŀŀŷ Ƈăƿŧīʋɑʈěđ part 2

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Happy Saturday! Here we had few rainy/windy days so I'm sooooo happy having a little bit of sun today! This weather is silly lately! It wants to make us desire the sun so badly!!! But even if the rain was the protagonist still the temperature was really hot! That is what I like less...!
Anyway, finally, this weekend looks promising so before going out I wanted to share another video!
I want to say first that during our chats with +Cold Blood, I had the idea of having our yakuza releases today! Once we are working on the same theme (I think it's a first!) we wanted to go one by one close close ahahhahahah! Well, the result is, she made in time! ME?!?!?!? Ehm.... *cough cough*..... (do you have a second question..???!!!!). 
Ganbarimasu and post it later zettai!!!
Now, I had the luck to have seen this advance (just coz I probably bothered her so much to let me see it, she gave up and sent the link to me ahahhahaha!!!), especially coz I decided to not re read the manga, and wait for her releases instead, so I can refresh my memory with her works!!!
 In this video, still nothing happens, I mean... you know.... in "that sense" BUT..... a little bite of how good Mookyul is... yeah a good preview! I like this mangaka for 2 reason mostly, 1. the plot.... as Shayla asked me "what's is there in yakuza plot that we like it so much?!", truth is I don't know really, but there is something for sure....!  2. the art; I love how goos she is in drawing characters expressions.... sometimes their face are so amazing that I can't stop reading those pages (give my life back senseiiiiii....!!!). 
For example, after Mokiyuul kissed Ewon, his expression while he was thinking "Oh he is a great kisser".... it was so... so .... sooooo... freaking funny!!!!
I laugh so much!
Hope you enjoy her video! 
As always thanks for watching!

Friday, June 24, 2016


Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō Ňākāsɇƙɑtɑ M+CD (#3)

[From MANGAGO] <= (you always ask me where to read them! My fav. website is this!)
Shingo and Kakami have finally understood their feelings and continued with their relationship, and for some reason, Kakami wants to take it to the next level by living together? 

Author: Sakyo Aya
Kondou Takashi x Maeno Tomoaki

P.S. This is a kind request of alot of people during this last year. But an important reward goes to  @taty my first Italian supporter that showed herself here! (Personal friends apart, of course!!). I've already told you how happy I am,  knowing you're here! Thanks for your words! I truly hope my compatriots will increase in order to spread more yaoi here in Italy too!!!!
(GRAZIE taty)! Sentiti libera di condividere il blog e i progetti che ti piacciono con altri amanti del genere yaoi! Più siamo meglio è !!!!  (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Ħāŧśũĸôī ŋō Ăţōśāĸĩ part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm good! Before starting talking about today release, thanks are needed! Thank you +Cold Blood  for your newest project, I'm getting used to korean dramaCD now (I will not say how many times I watched it... never.... neither under torture.... oh well... maybe yes! XD), but yeah, it's great! Mails arrived so I'm happy you enjoyed her idea too! An amazing gift for the 3° BMONTH hihihihi!
Today I'm going to post the last track of Ħāŧśũĸôī ŋō Ăţōśāĸĩ M+CD.
You remember right? The main story was complete but an extra was still there, so I'm able to share it with you now!
This extra is short but "intense". We didn't see true H-scenes yet, so maybe the mangaka wanted to excused herself for this and did something at the very end!?!?! Ahahahah just kidding, this manga was PERFECT to me! Here we can see their routine now. And it's sooooo warm!!! Like a family already! Miyama wakes up earlier to go to his store, while Nishina, still sleeping says "I will come later"....  Good! Good! Good! 
 ....Could you tell I loved this manga???!!!!??! No, right!? It's not so evident....!
And while I was looking for some more info about this story, I found this blog koekara in which I read alot of interesting reviewes. Yeah, this blogger writes putting her ideas and opinions on mangas. I liked a lot reading about these opinions and couldn't stop only with this title and wondered around and took a look of others that I edited here! What I appreciated the most was that she gave me new reading keys and new points of views which made me realize that  a manga can show us alot of different aspects basing our tastes, mood and priorities. After reading it, I just went and focused again on the same mangas, with pleasure I could agree or disagree with her new point of views, but it was surprising realize things you didn't before. Has it happened to you? To understand a new meaning after you read a manga for the second time?
Ok now, I put myself in the MUTE mode and let you enjoy the video! 
Happy to have granted this request too! 
And see you friday!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Ŧōŧāŀŀŷ Ƈăƿŧīʋɑʈěđ M+CD

"I'm pretty sure that the downfall of humans can be completely attributed to their curiosity", such is Ewon Jung's philosophy. Because of his curiosity and his "affectionate nature", Ewon somehow finds himself, after cheating one time too many on Jiho, dumped and threatened into working as a caretaker for Jiho's new boyfriend, Mookyul... who just so happens to be a Mafia Boss.
And it is just the beginning of Ewon's troubles.
 Original Work: Yoo Ha Jin
Eun Mookyul: Nam Young Taek
Jung Ewon: Yoon Yong Shik
Shin Jiho: Lee Ho

Well, what can I say? This left me speechless... I read this manga long ago and I liked the story alot (even if sometimes I would kill Ewon for his cheating nature....). Once in a while I re-read it with pleasure! You know yakuza plots are the best! So I started asking myself if this got a dramaCD..... And yeah... it had a dramaCD.... BUT.... sadly in korean.....! During these years, you asked me this few times so at the beginning of this blog, I tried to edit the first track... the result? Well, A MESS! It was so hard for me, without any skill in korean so I gave up and always replied to your mails in a negative way! One day, at the last request of it made some week ago by micaela... (sorry I forgot the complete name!), I talked about this project to +Cold Blood and, as a game I asked "How is your korean?" With my surprise she replied "I have basic skill, why?" Hehe, WHY???? For this!!!! She gave her best and did an amzing work according to me! This manga is a very long one! So thanks dear!
For making you listen my rambling gomen! But sorry, I'm a human being too after all, aahahahah!!!! Thank you for your video! Sure it will be alot of people happy!