Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hi minna!!!!

As requested by Senna I'm posting a song by a famous Italian female singer, not my favourite but a good one!!! Well I'm putting the video with its original lyric and the translated version in English ..... So you can understand the meaning of the song and the video!!!! Enjoy!!!

Italian Lyric                                                                                              English Lyric

Le cose cambiano,                                                                    Things change,
come cambia il colore del mare,                                               like sea's colour,
quando lo osservi per molte ore.                                               when you look at it for hours
Le facce delle persone,                                                              People's faces
i posti dove hai cercato le meraviglie                                        Places where you looked for wonderful
che poi hai trovato                                                                      things that you found after
Ma perché vuoi capire l'amore?                                                 Why do you want to understand love?

Cosa c'è di così complesso da decifrare?                                   Is it so difficult to understand?

Padre perdonami,                                                                       Father forgive me if
se ho fatto tutto male è solo colpa delle teorie.                         I've done all wrong is due ofall theories
Io sono pratica,                                                                          I know how
ci provo a galleggiare e a fare i conti di logica.                        I try to float and to be logical

Perché forse ho bisogno d'amore,                                              Because, maybe I need of love
o forse ho soltanto voglia di contare...                                       Or maybe I want to count

Quante parole                                                                             How many words
che non dici e vorresti gridare,                                                   you don't say and would scream
con il tempo vedrai                                                                     with time you'll see
esploderanno tutte nello stesso momento,                                 All words will explode at the same time
tutte fino a farti sentire meglio.                                                   Until you'll feel better

Le frasi si sommano,                                                                  Sentences increase
diventano delle addizioni,                                                          they became additions 
dei labirinti di coniugazioni.                                                      conjugations' labyrint
Uscirne è difficile,                                                                      Come out is hard
puoi rischiare di naufragare in un lago di virgole.                     you risk to wreck into a commas' lake
Ma perché vuoi spiegare l'amore?                                             Why do you want to understand love?

Sono solo due numeri prima da calcolare!                                Only two numbers before calculating

Quante parole,                                                                           How many words,
quante regole scelte da fare,                                                      How many decided rules to do
con il tempo vedrai                                                                    with time you'll see
esploderanno tutte nello stesso momento,                                 they'll explode at the same time

tutte fino a farti sentire meglio.                                                 All of them to make you feel better

Nascono i fiori dalla tua bocca,                                                Flowers are born into your mounth
pezzi di stelle,                                                                           stars' pieces
cose che avevi smarrito nel nulla,                                            things you had lost into the nothing
tracce di te.                                                                               pieces of you

Quante parole                                                                           How many words
che non dici e vorresti gridare,                                                 you don't say and would scream
con il tempo vedrai                                                                   with time you'll see
esploderanno tutte nello stesso momento,                                they'll explode at the same time
tutte fino a farti sentire meglio.                                                all of them to make you feel better

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok!!! Just came back from work and I'm going to work again in 30 minutes for afternoon shift... I'm super busy this period so I could have trascured you into this blog and my facebook page. GOMEN!!! I'm sad but it can't be helped right....Before it comes duty and after the pleasure....Anyway 30 minutes are more time that it takes to post the last part of CD 1 of this amazing project! Within this CD Rio and Tomo-chan made us suffer, angry and happy..... 
The are meant to be together and no adversity can make them apart.... Here I saw one of the best love confession, so passionate, sweet and romantic.... Tomo-chan made me melt.... 
Well enjoy this long video! Even this CD ended I'm not going to stop....we'll follow them until the end, right????

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō ĂšōƄĭĸăŧă part 2

Hi minna!!!!

Happy saturday!!! I just come back home out with friends and you, genki???? Well gomen for my last videos, I think I understood what the problem was, in all, without noticing, I pressed a wrong setting while uploading them into Youtube! Don't ask me what I did 'cause I don't know myself.... I'm not so tech yet....REALLY GOMEN THIS BAKA PERSON.....!!!!
imageA friend of mine made me know, it should be allright now...let me now if you have problems...ok???
Anyway the great Mafy made another video of this sexy manga, she sent it to me days ago but I could post it only today.....Enjoy the first time between Shingo and Kakami-san, my ears are still excited.....

Friday, September 26, 2014


Ķãŧėĸŷō part 14

Hi minna!

Genki??? I'm ok!!! today I'm going to post another lesson!!! Yeah Kaede-san, him!!! We left when Rintarou-kun was trying to break up with his true love!!! But now it's time to talk with Sumizome family, My personal opinion is that the way Rintarou-kun defended his beloved one is truly amazing and sweet! He is really pure, the person you can trust without doubts and that will be by your side forever.... I loved that feeling, and tried to imagine that kind of person into the real life, well it would be wonderful, right???? 
Rintarou gives always the best proof of his endless love, it's normal Kaede-san doesn't want to let him go never.....
This is too romantic!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Enjoy this part!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 4

Hi minna!!!!

Genki??? I'm ok!!!Well, before starting my new project, (....I haven't decided yet!!!), I'll try to complete or at least bring them on my ongoing ones! So here you are another part of Rio/Tomo's love story! 
We left them at "that festival night", we could think they finally understood each other feelings and finally they 'd be a real couple......this in real this manga they love complicating things.... Tomo-chan is without any doubt in love with Rio, so let's admit IT now......  Baka baka baka!!!!

P.S. Happy to know you enjoyed another Mafy's project! Well she made it long ago but wanted me to share it here!!!! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Ħėåřŧ Ŝŧŕīňģ M+CD

Sakaki, a yakuza leader, ends up being Yuki's "customer" and he's touched by Sakaki's words... but after discovering that a sweet fleeting kiss was just a game, what will Yuki do? Never fear; keep strong and keep believing! A love battle showdown between a yakuza and his wife!

Author: Akira Norikazu
Released date: 28/3/2003
Kuroda Takaya - Sakaki Kazuhiko
Yusa Kouji - Shinohara Yuki
Takahashi Hiroki - Hayasaka Rin
Kaji Yuuki - Kenji

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Ŷūmē Müŝūbï ĸŏī Müŝūbï part 8

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? Well I'm ok! Happy Saturday!!! This morning I posted the new project started by Mafy (one of the hotter manga around I think!!!), so happy right???!!! Well more people working together means more releases! So here you are my video, the last part of YumeMKoiM, guys words can't describe my disappointment when I found that drama cd ends here...I mean come on....the best was going to arrive, and the story is so good too........MOTTAI na???? Well if you know that this has a continuation please let me know....Enjoy friends!!!!