Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Ħâřü ŵō Đāŧĕīŧā part 4

Hi minna!

Genki??? I'm ok!!! 
Today I'm going to post a new video of this sexy serie, really these two are so hot together! A good pair!!! Kato is so sweet while saying "Iwaki, you're cute!" and then caressed him, awwwwwwwww  kawaii, kawaii, kawaii!!! And a scared Iwaki san who can't trust of him is so innocent! 
Well, enjoy this part and thank you for your mails! I couldn't reply but I can assure you I read them all!
imageI received  a lot of amazing requests! Some of them were already into my mind, and for some I didn't know the existence of a drama cd.... I'm so glad I have so many people I can talk with about this stuff!!! You know and look for a lot of interesting things! I haven't got the time for searching all of them, so you are such a big help!!!! I need you for sure!!!!
Kisses and goodnight!!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Ŝėϰ Ƿǐƽțȍɭʂ ʗƌ 4 part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok!!! It seems years I didn't came here.... OMG.....  Sorry fot my absence, I was so full of duties, familiar and about work.... So I hadn't enough time to finish this video.... I could edit only a minute each day... Anyway I finally done it... I edited two parts in one... Sex Pistols serie is famous for having such short tracks, like 2/3 minutes, so I wanted to make a longer one.... 
I have to say I love Ginger! His voice is so good and sexy, don't you agree??? 


P.S. I wrote wrong at the beginning of the video this is the 3° part not the first.... GOMEN!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Ŝėϰ Ƿǐƽțȍɭʂ ʗƌ 4 part 2

Hi minna!!!
Genki??? Well, I'm ok!!! My auntie is at home now, and I'm more at easy!!! Anyway it seems to me years passed since my last time logged in here.... sorry if I haven't replied to your comments and mails! They were so many! When I took a look into the inbox I was a little bit surprised!!! I'll do it later slowly... !!! And you made me happy and give so many new ideas!!!
Anyway here you are the second edited track of one of my fav serie of the manga world! I always hope to read how it will end between Norio and Kunimasa, in the while we'll enjoy this extravagant couple, right???

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Ħâřü ŵō Đāŧĕīŧā part 3

Hi minna!!!

Sorry I think I will post less than the usual coz my auntie is going to be recovered into a nearby hospital (nothing bad... just a little problem with her foot!) so I will take care of her and after, during this week-end you know, it will be Christmas soon, we usually decorate our tree the first weekend of December!!! Ahhhhhhhh I can't wait! I definitely LOVE Christmas!!! I always have!!!
But I will do my best with everything (real life/work/blog/video editing) without overdo I promise!!!!
Anyway I edited a new video of one of the smut manga I prefer.... We are still watching parts included into the animated version, but it's really good, right????
Enjoy this! Something is getting serious between Kato and Iwaki! And poor itoko no Sawa-san (Mr. Sawa's cousin) - did I write correctly???? - I hope yes!!!!! Well him, so shy and for his lover's sake he let another man touching him... I liked how things ended anyway!!!!
See ya!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 10

Hi minna!!!

It's late but I'm still on time for posting my saturday video!!! Genki??? I hope today was a wonderful day for you all!!! For me it was a little bit strange mmmhhhhmmmmm well..... I wanted to finish one of my ongoing projects! One of the sweetest love story ever! They kept us company for a while now and I confess I loved every single video of them!!! Happy moments with sad ones made us enjoy or despair like we were with them into real life... I hated sometimes that BAKA Miura-kun for being so blind and with no sensibility for his cute lover Rio. I wanted to punch him instead of Rio-chan and for his sake!!! Well everything is ok... and they keep being madly on love each other.... I truly love and follow this mangaka! Her stories are great! Sexy but so full of meaning!!! I love her artstyle and the care for details! Anyway is so hard not love this manga.... I think everyone read it at least once.... I lost the count of how many times I have read it...  Hihihihihi a masterpiece!!! 
Anyway enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Ŝėϰ Ƿǐƽțȍɭʂ ʗƌ 4 M+CD

Love story between David and Maximilian!
Mangaka: Kotobuki, Tarako
Release Date: on April 25, 2008.
Kosugi Juurouta x Takahashi Hiroki

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Ɖăřŀīňġ part 9

Hi minna!!!
Genki??? Happy Sunday!!!First of all, we have to celebrate 'cause this is my 400° post here!!! OMG! These are the reasults of being all together, me posting but you watching/ commenting/supporting me!!! Thanks for the bottom of my heart!!!!
I really hope to keep being able to interact with you, for a long time!!! When I think about the time passing so fast I really couldn't imagine to arrive so far... And you??? This was possible only coz all my videos are uploaded into a private mode and linked here where only yaoi lovers could easily and peacfully surf..... This is the only reason I don't want them to be reuploaded elsewhere... Experience of 2 Youtube channel and 1 of Dailymotion deleted made me understand it!!! Anyway I'm happy!!!
Here you are another video of this copule.... Right now they have got a huge problem: misunderstanding can make people do what they in normal time would never do..... Rio make me angry coz he didn't ask for explanations..... Tomo chan, on other side, is disperate, and the disperation is the worst...!!!!
Only one track left!!!! Soon we'll see how it will end among them!!!!