Thursday, September 26, 2013


Ŧīĝĥŧ Řōρɇ M+CD

The son of a sick yakuza boss is constantly pressured to inherit his position as the "5th".
However, Ryuu wishes for nothing other than to marry Naoki and have a happy family.
How will this go?

Original Work by Natsume Isaku
Company: 新書館Dear+
Released: 2009/11/29
鈴木達央 x 立花慎之介
Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Tachibana Shinnosuke

Ŧīĝĥŧ Řōρɇ M+CD:  1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6


  1. YESSSSSSSS! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!! Thank you soooooo much for starting this project! I just love Tatsuhisa Suzuki so much! My favourite BL seiyuu! <3 :D and Tachibana Shinnosuke makes a good uke too! >/////< i've only watced the OVAs so im so excited to see the manga+drama cd!!! <33333

    1. Heyyyyyy Soul!!! I was waiting for you!!!! :))
      I'm happy you like the choice I had doubts about it....but you give me so much always!!!!

    2. Dont worry about it!! You made a great choice :D i'm bias when it comes to Tatsuhisa Suzuki! And i'll always gives support for aby project you make! I'll always give you some feedback after watching the videos ^_^

  2. Lovely HOUGEN-Boys!!^0^)/

    And my Tatsun~~-3-
    Tachibana is also one of my 'EAR-BOYFRIEND'!!-3-

  3. roby-san T_T
    i can't watch all the video that you upload to vimeo. T_T
    could you please re-upload it to dailymotion or youtube, please?
    especially for tight rope part 6.
    thanks Roby-san

    1. awww!!! \(^o^)/
      you're the best roby-san. . . *hugg*