Sunday, August 21, 2016


I. D. M+CD

The unsuspected newbie of the Police Investigation Division One, Detective Hinari was dispatched to deliver a sample to the forensic lab. There he encountered researcher, Yasoshima Shiro, who reminded Hinari of his first love, a gentle police captain. Immediately smitten at first sight, Yasoshima lured Hinari with a DNA lecture and preyed on the still innocent Hinari! As much as Hinari hated to admit it, he wasn't entirely unaffected by Yasoshima.
Will Hinari be able to resist the quirky scientist!? A delicate yet comical love story!

Mangaka: Kanbe Akira
Release date: 02/25/2010
Yusa Kouji
Terashima Takuma
Kusunoki Taiten

P.S. A kind  request of Luciani! Thank you for always supporting around here! I wish you to know that I'm pretty happy to edit this one! With this you gave me enthusiams coz I've always wanted to do something of this mangaka, her art amazes me eveytime I read her mangas.... I wish more of hers would get a dramaCD coz some stories truly deserve that!
Thank you and enjoy!
P.S. 2 Happy Sunday to you all, see ya at the next weekend! Kisses!!!

I.D. M+CD:
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  1. Hi, I want to request Kachou Fuggetsu Drama CD, the Mangaka and her drawing always looks cool and awesome!!

  2. AWW!! Thank you Roby! So excited for this one! Really you do so much for all of us! I cannot thank you enough!! I will always support you!

    1. You're welcome! Well... actually the more excited was me hihihihi thank you!

  3. Yes,i think this drama is different from the rest of your collection..i like it 😍😍😍😍..its fresh n new..hehe..

    1. Really?! I used this for viewfinder and for all the pubblic trailers! I have always loved this programme! The video is always my same simple style! ;)