Monday, February 13, 2017


ŦŝūŶøĝáŘı M+CD

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Happy Sunday..!! Let us welcome the weekend with a NEW project to enjoy!!! I believe this has been requested by someone..!! ✌✌✌

 ↪ Couple 1
Focus about the new relationship between Shiba, a highschool student and his teacher Onosaka. Things are not going well at all because sense has an inferiority complex as Shiba likes large-breated..?

↪ Couple 2
About Inuo (Shiba's friend, a playboy) and Natsuda, a boy that was beside him when he wakes up in the morning after some party not remembering what happend tho he's sure that they did it.. Denying himself not to be gay, he turn him down but the cheerful Natsuda knows how to keeps coming back until Inou push him away again...

↪ Couple 3
Introducing Shiba's brother, Keisuke and his friend Aki. Aki wants more than kiss, but Keisuke only went along Aki's request all this time. So now when Aki asks for more, he avoids him. But when Aki avoids him in return after the school starts, he's not happy at all..

~ Somehow.. multiple stories are too much to write about....  😄😄😄 ~

Mangaka : Nekota Yonezou
Release : March 21, 2008
Cast : Seme  X  Uke  ( ^w^ )
Shiba (Sakurai Takahiro)  X  Onosaka (Nojima Kenji)
Inuo (Tomokazu Sugita)  X  Natsuda (Suzumura Kenichi)
Aki (Sakaguchi Daisuke)  X  Keisuke (Sakurai Takahiro)

So.... enjoy the vids!!! 💋💋💋

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