Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Šáá Ķôį ʼnį Őçĥįţąɱáê M+CD #4

Wazzup! Wazzup!

Happy Nosebleed Day..!!! Hurm... my post yesterday is too early, but today is too late from the usual time.. because today has been a very confuse day for me. After spending the time at my grandma's yesterday, we were supposed to be back before lunch, but then, everyone became too lazy to move and decided to keeps eating nonstop..! 
(well.. who can deny grandmother's cooking..?)  ><
So, we plan to go back after lunch, but then suddenly the neighbor invited us for a small birthday party for her kid during afternoon tea, and we cant get away from it. Bcz of that, our plan have been delayed and of course my plan for release too..  -_-
After we arrived, I immediately switch on my PC to start sharing my release, and just realize that the track for this cd is not fully UP yet..!! Urgh..!! Another 2 tracks remain to be upload and after spending 2 days without any internet, everyone in this house is using the line without any hesitant at all..!! They were checking the mails, whatsapp, wechat, FB, YT... basically everything..!! I mean.. "Hey, its not like those are very important right now, I got my life hanging here waiting to be release..!!"  ahahhaha
But instead of all my drama, everyone just laugh it off, and I got stuck with the low internet speed for almost 2 hours just to upload 2 tracks of this CUTE pair..!! BUT.. all my waiting and my patience are truly worth for this story..!  ^^

Vol. 4: 
Noboru and Yuuki are really in love right now, after all the drama they need to face from the volume before... But, what happen when Kazushi decided to tell Yuuki's brother about them and all of sudden he starts to interfere and prevent Yuuki from seeing Noboru again while investigating about Noboru's family. What will Yuuki do to make his brother to fully see Noboru for who he really is.. and more importantly, what would Noboru do..? hehehhe

*Squeezing together in this part is a little bit story about the pair of twin.. MY FAVORITE!!!
Their part is really squeezing my heart with emotions and loves..   ^^

Hope u love them too..!! Enjoy..!!

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