Sunday, August 21, 2016


Śáá Ƙȯi ṅí Ŏċhíẗǎḿȧẽ M+CD #3

Wazzup guys..!!

Who's having a perfect Sunday...? I know I am..!! Laying in my bed doing nothing but streaming and eating..  Today was supposed to be the resting day for everyone, so I hope u guys r having a great day too.!! Ja.. I would like to add a little of sweetness into ur days today.. Hope u like it..!!   ^^

            VOL. 3
Noboru is starting to really accept Yuuki into his heart, but somehow his little brothers are still waiting and asking for their SISTER-IN-LAW...?  How would Noboru deal with that after his relationship with Yuuki are starting to get better and... BETTER..?  Can he bear to hurt Yuuki's feeling again...? or all little brothers of his..?  But somehow, Kazushi-senpai is helping him to decide...?     Enjoy the vids...!!!  (I know that someone is waiting for the sweet of this couple since last weeks, thanks for ur patience...   ^^  )

Mangaka : Yamato Nase
Cast : Kishio Daiuke x Suwabe Junichi


  1. OH my gosh Cold Blood! YOURE FANTASTIC!! I got on around 12:45 am after being exhausted and saw this post! Can't tell you how the fireworks went off in my head as I continued to watch it!! I'm so glad this story isn't over yet and it looks like Yuki and Noboru finally got some love together!! Yuki is way scary when he's upset but I'm just too happy for word that Noboru actually told the girls the truth!
    And I don't know why, but as the story goes on, I continue to fall in love with the twins even more!!
    Thank you so much for uploading this! It was worth staying up until 2:00 am😆
    And I hope you enjoyed your lazy day, I know I did!
    Looking forward to more! Good luck!👍

    1. Thank you!! Glad u enjoy sweetness I offer.. heheehe
      Well... the twins r my favorite since the very beginning.. ^^
      And, in the next one is the reason why.. hehehhe
      Stay tuned... ^^