Sunday, August 14, 2016


Ŝǻȁ Ḱőì ṅï ⍥ĉḧĩȶäṁāē M+CD #2

                                                         Hajimemashite!! Cold Blood here..!

I hope everyone is having a nice day (even though its summer  ^^ )... Well my day today start with an exciting feeling to enjoy our nosebleed day today.. but Roby surprised me by making me a part of this awesomeness, not that I wanna complain... I'm just stunned.. Even my hands r shaking...  ahahha    Now.. this gonna my very first time writing a post directly to everyone.. so please go easy on me and enjoy the vids thats been waiting for y'all..  

VOL. 2

Yuuki keeps chasing and Noboru keeps avoiding, but he doesnt hate all the kiss given.. ^^
But Noboru's family situation becomes a bit hard for them so he decides to have a part time job to find some money...

While he needs to work... while Yuuki keeps him as his main priority... while the two of them r fighting.. again.... while Kazushi-senpai keeps interfering... and while the twin keeps being cute... hihiihi 

Will Noboru really surrender himself to Yuuki..?

Mangaka : Yamato Nase
Cast : Kishio Daisuke x Suwabe Junichi

ps : Thanks Roby for having to bear with me learning on how to did this one...   ^^


  1. Thank you so much for uploading this Cold Blood! Great job editing this story, could totally feel the love between Yuki and Noboru! Plus the brothers really cracked me up! I was totally hooked on the story and I'm so glad that Roby and you teamed up! I look forward to your future works ! :D

    1. Hello! Happy you enjoyed this project... well... I was expecting... you know.. tha these two...a more intimate step!!! Anyway Clod Blood and me are team for a long time right now! I've asked her to begin managing something here or the fb page quite alot of times! She is ready now, and I'm happy she decided to start finally! And yeah surely alot of projects are scheduled here! ;)

    2. glad u like the story... well... more of them r coming soon.. ^^
      looks forward for them, kay..?

      And hell yeah a more projects have been discussed between Roby and me.. hehheh

    3. It was a good story for shojen ai, pretty sure I spelled that wrong😅 But yeah, could have used a little more loving at the end there, hahaha😆
      I'm so glad that there will be more projects to come! You two are a great team, sharing the love stories for all of us fans!

    4. well.. the story is not done yet.. and i could assure u... there are more sweet in the next vol... ^^

  2. Woah! So glad that it's not finished yet! That means it will get better and better! I wish you the best of luck editing this Cold Blood😆 YOU CAN DO IT👍

    1. i promise u...! it WILL get better and better...!! hehehhe