Sunday, July 17, 2016


Ŝāīħāŧě ŋō ĸīϻǐ ė M+CD

[from MANGAGO] 
Ryou and his older brother, Masaya, live under the Takatou family. Sixteen years ago, their parents died in an accident, and since then, the brothers lived with their distant relatives, the Takatou family. As a child, Ryou grew up as the friend of the Takatou heir, Takatou Akihito. But when Ryou discovers a secret,his brother's life is on the line, and instead of being Akihito's friend, Ryou is now his slave. How will Ryou save both his brother and himself from the family that has cared for them for so long?

Mangaka: Minami Haruka
Release date: 01/25/2007
  Kishio Daisuke   -  Kamiya Hiroshi
 Matsuyama Takashi -  Toriumi Kousuke

P.S. Another great update of +Cold Blood  ok ok! I totally understood you love Minami Haruka huh???? Well, how to say no...??!??! She is quite sexy and slutty... and everytime I see one of her mangas... well it's like moans are assured!!!! Aahahahaha!
Thanks for letting me see this! I didn't know this manga had a dramaCD!
Time to enjoy....the NOSEBLEED DAY!


  1. Sexy and slutty...?
    hurm... eeehhh..... etto...

    urgh..!! I CANT DENY THAT FACT...!!! hahahhahah XD

    1. Ahahaahha none could do.... otherwise I would slap in the face of the one who does ahahaha Thanks my dear!