Sunday, July 31, 2016


Ŧħřēĕ Ŵōĺves ɱȯʊɳʈɑɪɲ M+CD

A tale of two brothers who travel far and wide end up lodging with a cafe owner. We learn of the strange things that go 'bump' in the night in a cemetary as well as the love that binds individuals together.
 Mangaka:  Naono Bohra
Release date: 28.04.2010
 Tsukihara Jirou: Chihiro Suzuki
Susugi: Hikaru Midorikawa
Tsukihara Tarou: Taiten Kusunoki

 P.S. This is a kind request of Mareeda! Dear thanks alot for making this suggestion! Personally I'm not a big fan of Naono Bohra, coz according to me her art is alittle bit messy! But it's sexy sooo why not ginving her a try?!??! I think +Cold Blood  enjoyed doing this project for you and for everyone else like the genre (supernatural) and the mangaka! So the we can consider one of your requests done and complete!!!! Enjoy!!!!
P.S. 2 Actually, when I started doing my projects I wanted to enjoy listening all the seyuus in both different roles... you know of which kind of roles I'm talking about right???!!?!?!
But now... I think I've accomplished this objective.... I made a new purpose! One collection, for being called this way, need an example of every mangaka around! So, due the fact that here you can really enjoy your fav, seyuu in a lot of mangas.... I will concentrate on mangaka that aren't here (within this blog) yet!
This project, for example, can make me add Naono Bohra into the collection, and without your request and Cold Blood editing I couldn't have done it!
Thank you!
Enjoy the video!


  1. Lately Im weak to the side stories.... does the big bro wolf and his finace have one for their own???
    Just after pressing the play button I recognized the seme hehe Kaoru of Virgin Love and the uke as Harumi of Scarlet side story....
    Goood choice really! I liked this project ahahhah even if I'm not a big lover of switching position in a yaoi couple! ;)

    1. hurm... i dont think the big bro wolf doesnt has one cz his fiancee is originally a girl.... hahhahhha

      the uke is harumi from scarlet... how come i not notice that..?
      even thought i just share their sweet as my favorite... ><

      etto.... switching... -no comment- hehehhhhehhh
      i just dont really getting along with an older uke.... o.0

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  3. I been waiting for Naono Bohra Sensei to add in your list. thank you so much.

    1. Sorry for the wait! We do our best to mantain this blog active and share our videos! The credits are of both of you!
      You for asking and Cold Blood for editing!
      Thanks for the suggestion! I have to confess I kinda liked the story... never read before... oh to be honest always stopped at the 5 page of the 1 chap hhihihi!
      If you have some other fav. yaoi manga with a dramaCD .... well we are here! ;)

  4. Cuuuuut ...I like when the seme can olso be a uke (kyaaaaaa)I whish that happend in all mangas lol

    Thank u Roby chan

    1. No no no.... WHAT??? I'm just imagining ... for example.... Takabe TOP and Asami BOTTOM... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
      Rintarou TOP and Kaede BOTTOM .... NOOOOOOOOOOOO
      Shingo TOP and Keiichi BOTTOM ..... NOOOOOOOOO
      Yuki TOP and Sakaki san BOTTOM... NOOOOOOOOOOOO
      Please don't perturb my perfect YAOI world!!! hihihhihi
      Thank you for watching! :)

    2. hahahahahaha yashiro TOP and doumeki BOTTOM (waaaaaaaaaaaaw) lol

      Nemu TOP and Maya BOTTOM kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      I liked it