Sunday, July 24, 2016


Ƈăƒě Ĺāŧŧē ŘħāƥŝōƋƴ M+CD


About two guys who have a very "scary" meeting at a bookstore. Serizawa is your usual nice young man working at a bookstore, when one day he chances upon a strange customer. Immensely tall and intense-eyed, this stranger is a shock for Seri at first sight. That is, until upon further observation, Seri realises that the tall stranger is in reality, a painfully shy and gentle young man named Keito. As the two youths meet more and more often in the bookstore, they begin an earnest and sweet friendship.  

Mangaka:  Kawai Touko
Publisher:- Libre
Release Date: 12/2008
Cast :
Tsuda McLeod Keito: Hatano Wataru (seme)
Serizawa Hajime: Suzumura Kenichi (uke)
Shiraishi: Konishi Katsuyuki

P.S. To +Mafalda Modesto I don't know if you will read this! I truly hope you'll enjoy the project that brings me back in time! I could add years!!!! Ok it's not like I'm feeling old right now... (maybe a little bit! XD). Thank you +Cold Blood for this!!! I mean the manga not that you're making me feel like an old lady ahaahah
And I didn't know this was such a long one! Hehe hope you're going to excuse myself for a little... just the time for enjoying the whole thing!!!!

P.S. 2 Guys thanks for all your messagge about dead links, it's due the strikes on Youtube of the other day! I'll fix the Puchitto H. project as fast as I can! I'll tell you when it will be avaible again!!!


  1. This one is SOOO cute >_< Cutest ever!!
    Thank you so much <3

    1. ^^
      really glad to be able to share them all with u!!