Saturday, May 7, 2016


Ŀōvė Mōđē M+CD #6

A younger and more naive Aoe escaping his familial responsibilities in the countryside of England - sharing a simple bed-and-breakfast home with Takamiya and Shiki. While he can't deny his feelings for the happy-go-lucky Shiki, he still can't shrug off his duties to his family. Then, an unexpected event will rock his world forever.

                     Mangaka: Yuki Shimizu
Released: 2005/02/28
Yanada Kiyoyuki x Yoshimizu Takahiro 
Fujiwara Keiji x Kikuchi Masami 

P.S. Dear +Cold Blood  thanks to your efforts, time and skills; I think this is the first time this blog see a complete serie!!!
So, Omedetou and Arigatou gozaimasu


  1. I think this is now one of my favorite yaoi mangas. This mangaka gets me. She knows, Shimizu-san knows. Also, there are so many couples which is not a bad thing... It's what one would call yaoi heaven. Thank you all so much for this upload. <3

    1. Hi!! Thanks for the likes... hope u enjoys the series..!! <3

    2. The thanks belong to you. Thank you for all of your hard work and if it wasn't for you and Roby, I wouldn't have known about this series, so for that I thank you as well. Much love.