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Kðàĸūmã ŋō Ŝāňĉŧũāřƴ M+CD

Story 1:
Reiji has never forgotten Kagami, the man who cruelly dumped him 10 years ago. Now, they unexpectedly meet again! This time Reiji intends to give Kagami a taste of his own medicine... or will he?
Story 2:
Luciano met the president of a cosmetic company, Munakata, during a party and was offered to become the exclusive model for their new male product line on the spot! However, was there a string attached to Munakata's generous offer to Luciano? Or did he simply want to get up close and personal with his new model!?

Author: Igoh Ruh
Released Date: 2008/02/25
ll Pairing ll
Hanawa Eiji × Kamiya Hiroshi
Okawa Tooru × Touchika Kouichi

 Kðàĸūmã ŋō Ŝāňĉŧũāřƴ M+CD


  1. Kamiya Hiroshi!!!! omg please update soon <3 thank you so much!

    1. I'm glad you like it! It was hard deciding ;)
      Thanks to you for following!

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