Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Ãĸūňīň ŵō Ňāĸāŝėŕū Ħōūħōũ M+CD

Kayano is a rich guy, who fell in love with a guy -Takao- he found injured. He pitied the guy and decided to ask him to give him tuition. That's when he realize that Takao has a terrible personality. Even so, he still had Takao as his teacher. Later, a misunderstanding happened and Kayano's mother thinks Takao is only after the money and made Takao leaves. Years later, Takao returns to the household again but as a lawyer who was hired by Kayano's parents over some stupid broken tea ware. Kayano tried to hit on Takao but was rejected because Takao has a wife now.

Author: Amagakure Gido
Released: March 26, 2012
Hatano Wataru x Yusa Kouji

Ãĸūňīň ŵō Ňāĸāŝėŕū Ħōūħōũ M+CD


  1. Hey! I really enjoy your videos, by any chance would you be willing to upload the Yatamomo drama cd? Or know where I can download it, I've been searching for it as crazy, I really wanna listen to it! Any help?

    1. Yes please !!! Me too I've been searching for it like crazy but I can;t find it ;( Roby-san you're the best I love you and your blog <3

  2. kyaaaaaaa thanks Roby-san you're the best