Sunday, April 12, 2015


Ŝōŕēđēmð yāŝāŝħī ĸōī ŵō šůŕů M+CD

Side story of Đöüŝħīŧėmð Fūřěŧăĸūňāī. A story about Onoda and Deguchi  building a relationship.

Mangaka_ Yoneda Kou
Release date: 31/10/2014
Deguchi Harumi: Nojima Hirofumi     Onoda Ryo: Morikawa Tomoyuki
Shima Toshiaki: Nojima Kenji          Togawa Yousuke: Ishikawa Hideo

P.S. This is an old request of Senna! Dear, sorry for the long wait! You were asking me for the continuation (After 9/10 hours) of this serie! I hope that, even if after so much time, you'll like it! Love you friends!
P.S2. Hidoku S. will be delivered next week! I thought to use my time editing this old request! Hope you all will enjoy this!


  1. Roby i really love you.

    1. Oh THANKS! It's such a good thing reading this once in a while!!!! ;)
      Happy to know you love this new release! Thanks to Senna too, for requesting it!!!!

    2. I also love Roby..

  2. this is amazing :D great manga , i read it like 3 times , i just love Yoneda Kou ^_~

  3. It's senna!!!Oh my goooodnessss!!!!!! Thanks Roby, what a coincide!!! I dropped by your blog in a long time, then you posted my request...♥ Thank you so much again :) I really appreciate you... This manga is still my favorite!!!!!! kissesss!
    Buon compleàno!!!!! Sorry for being late :(.... finally It's summer vacation for 3months! ....
    I'm not sure that you remember I asked you to translate Italian lyrics to English, that was Arisa's song :) thanks to you, I am still listening to Italian songs sometimes... Thank you for knowing the meaning of the lyrics I got to love them more :) Also, I was enjoying listening to your recommendation named indimenticabile, I love this songs too.
    Usually Koreans don't listen to foreign songs except English ones(some people even don't listen to English songs) So I was rejected by my friend when I recommended Italian or french songs to her haha...anyway recently I translated it to Korean referring English translation and using dictionary haha. I learned some words... like sta bene.... pure.... che.. meglio-_-?? anyway hahahahaaa
    I'm really thankful for your posting!!!! I was searching really hard but I couldn't find them...T_T... There were not korean translated mangas... I needed japanese ones...(of course audio..) Thankssssss!! why can I express my feeling only using thank!!! awww.... I hope you know my feeling hahaha.

    1. Senna! My dear! How have you been??? I missed you and I was thinking you had left me already!!! Well good thing you didn't!!! Really??? Well I suppose we have totally different music style, maybe for this reason your friend didn't want to follow your WONDERFUL suggestion! We usually don't listen Korean music neither so..... we're similar!!!!!!! If with my translations I was able to help your or I made you learn some Italian words I'm super HAPPY and proud of myself and of you of course!!!!!
      I'm glad to be able finally to grant your wish! You supported me so much in the past!! I owned you!!!! And yes I understood your feelings WELL!!!
      Keep in touch!!!!

      P.S. Did you write "Summer vacation"???? Now???? In April??? WOW

    2. yes! in Philippines, summer starts from April(In my opinion, everyday's summer, but they say they have two seasons, the rainy season, and dry season) many asked me "summer????" yes, It's summer! It' SUPER hot... even I cannot take a nap comfortably :(.... If you teach me some Italian words, which is so nice....I'd love to be taught by you!!!! yes, my Filipino friends usually like K-pop, but I don't know well about K-pop starts rather than them haha It's kind of weird but I cannot be helped haha.....

  4. Roby-chan! Thanks for this video! I'll be watching it tonight when I have no other's eyes watching, jejeje. But I'm afraid I'm gonna want to watch Doushitemo again!! I need more time, 24 hours are not enough!!
    Also I wanted to ask, After 9/10 hours has a manga cd? I don't think I've watched it. Or was it included in your Doushitemo videos? I can't remember!

    1. Ahahahahahah I'd like more time for a day too!!!! Anyway yes "After 9/10 hours" have got a drama but they are included here, they show Onoda/Deguchi love story so you'll be able to enjoy them into this project! Doushitemo talks about Shima / Yokozawa only!!!!

  5. Thank you for these video.
    You always gave me a pleasant surprise!
    Yoneda Kou is my favorite one, she is great story teller.
    Characters of her story, everyone cute and sexy, not help but love a very adorable!
    and I love Nojima Hirofumi.
    To hear is Hirofumi & Kenji Nojima brothers voice in the video part 2-1, it was really happy!!!
    They are so cute!!
    I can't wait next video.
    And I am so excited to up Saezuru tori ha habatakanai too.
    Thank you, thank you for your great work!!!!!!!

  6. when will u update part 4?? Hope it's gonna be soon :)
    this yaoi is awesome thanks :)xx

  7. more more more more please i love you Roby

  8. This project is so great !!! Thanks for editing and looking forward to next episode...(can't wait XD) ほんとにありがとうございました ハアト~❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Hello, Roby!!! I'm really happy to watch this series, I really love them, but now I have some problems with watching part5, am I the only one who cannot watch it? I can just read 'Not found, Error 404'..... If It's not for only me, could you fix it? I'm so grateful for your efforts always.

  10. Thank you soo much for this *____*
    ♥♥♥ >v<

  11. Thank you so much! She is one of my favorite mangaka. I just got the manga in the mail (*_*)/
    I love her art and stories. So good!!! Thank you again for all your hard work.

  12. this sequel are so good... i like the jelous part and sweet also... Roby chan for your hard work ARIGATO😊