Saturday, January 31, 2015


Ķăřė ɉȧ ƞāī ĸėđō M+CD #8

This is the sequel to Koi ja nai kedo. What kind of relationship is there between our main characters? This is also the question of Yukimura Shuji himself. He is wondering what type of relationship he has with Shinonome Ryuichi...

Mangaka: Sakuraga Mei
Release date: 2012年04月25日
Hiyama Nobuyuki × Toriumi Kousuke

P.S. A gentle request from  yadi_chan! Thanks my friend for asking! I haven't read it for a while now, so I liked so much enjoying it again!!! Hope you all can think the same! Shinonome voice is one of the sexiest I've heard!!!! ;)


  1. oh my god!!! I love u so much :33333 this is one my most favorite mangas :D :D thank you so much for editing this :333

  2. i love it..i watch this once but your work are so clear and easy to read...thank you so much and take care

  3. I cant open part 8.. Can you fix it? :D

  4. I absolutely love it !!!!!!
    Thank you so much for posting this. It's always perfect !!!
    Is it possible to post the entire series ? I like this series so much, I'm an absolute fan :)