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Řėň'āī Ŝħīňāň part 7 (Minidrama)

Hi minna!!!

As I've already said there is another CD with a mini drama that doesn't mach with the extra that you read in the manga....So no images for it....We can understand the general meaning but senna proposed herself for translating it for us!!!Thank you girl! You are just too kind!!! Then I'm posting this track...let me know!!!
Kisses guys I'm going to bed....  ;D

P.S. For the translation please take a look under here in the comments!!!Thank you Senna!!!!


  1. Hi, roby, It's senna. I just finished translation. I want to tell you something about my translation first. I don't translated it directly, I translated it so liberally. So I hope you and your fans know about it. I think it's easier for you to understand it. then, enjoy it. always thanks for you, Roby. kisses.

    H means honjou
    A means akira
    M means monologue
    enter and '-' mean there is no sound or just background music
    It will be helpful for you when you edit it.


    H: Akira!
    A: I’m gonna..!

    A(M): I don’t know why Recently he is so intense.
    A: Oh, my! It’s almost midnight!
    A: It can’t be helped. I cannot but get a taxi and come back home.
    H: eh? why are you leaving so early? there ins’t running subway, you might as well stay here.
    A: No, I can’t. Cause I should find a house, tomorrow.
    H: A house?
    A: Now my home is too far away from new company, So I want to find the one nearby company.
    H: Then you’d better stay here with me, don’t you think so?
    A: It will be troublesome if the fact that we’re stay in the same house become known to everyone at work.
    H: That’ll be OK if we say It’s just Room-sharing.
    A: Everyone might think It’s really odd Since we transferred together and now we’re living together.
    H: you think too much. a room is empty now, you can live here.
    A: empty? are you talking about the room that is full of sports goods? It’s no funny I don’t want to live with all sports goods.
    H: ah, then I’ll get rid of them and let the room totally empty.
    A: No, thank you. I’ll find new one.


    A: It’s not good, I thought I can find it easily.
    A: oh, there is a real estate office.
    A: there are so many notices.
    A: It, It’s too expensive. why are they so expensive?! I can’t afford it cuz I just transferred.
    A: but I can’t depend on him.
    A: anyway, I have to find it although I should spend lots of time.
    (walking sounds)
    A: ah, finally I can leave the company.
    A: It’s unbelievable the work finished this later though I felt not good from the morning. besides, It’s getting worse. I feel I‘m about to collapse.
    H: hatara kun, why were you working with such a blank look on your face all day?
    A: um, I think I’m exhausted.
    H: oh, do you have fever?
    A: ha, I’d better go home now.
    H: Oh, no. You looks so dizzy. wait a second, I’ll leave work with you.
    A: ah, I, I am sorry.
    H: take hold of me. watch out.
    (walking together)
    A(M): I’m so pitiful Cuz I gave him trouble. I don’t know why. I’ve never had a fever.
    H: How are you feeling? are you feeling better?
    A: ho, honjou san, I’m sorry.
    H: don’t force yourself. you’d better sleep.
    A: O, OK.
    H: you didn’t have a meal properly and stay up late at night, moreover you had a hard time finding new house and adapting to new work. So, I think you became more and more fatigued.
    A: honjou san, you know everything about me.
    H: here, eat a soup and take a medicine.
    A: I am really sorry.
    H: is that so? don’t you think It’s nice someone stay with you when you’re sick?
    A: Yeah.
    H: So, move in here, OK?
    A: OK.
    H: That’s great, then I’ll make the room empty and clean, so you can move in here anytime.
    A: I’ll pay you rent for a house.
    H: It’s fine you don’t need to. rest more.
    A: um..
    (the sound of door)
    A: honjou san is very kind while I always made him feel uneasy.
    A: What should I do, I think I love him so much.
    H: Ah, I forgot it. putting an green onion into your hips will help you feel better, what are you going to do?

    1. -

      H(M): the fact that we’re living together became known to everyone
      but everyone don’t mind that much.
      I think I didn’t need to worry about it at that time.
      However, there are three problems about living with honjou san.
      First of all, I can’t smoke because I was banned to smoke by him for my health.
      Secondly, he wakes up so early. finally....

      H: I can’t stand it!
      A: Akira, It's still early. hold on.
      H: Don’t disperse, I beg you! Hon-jou san!
      A: I know that, Akira.

      A: having sex everyday makes me exhausted...
      H: you do? I’m alright.

      A(M): third one is that I am asked for having sex EVERYDAY!
      before holiday, he become dogged more and more.
      So It’s a big problem for me.

      A: the number of times increased since we live together, right?
      H: this is because we’re stay together, so I start to want you. and we don’t have to worry about time.
      A: you were care of it (sorry It’s difficult to translate)
      H: ah, I can’t endure it cuz you’re here with me.
      A(M): his desire might burst now since at that age, he was a virgin. However, It’s unbelievable he has a strong sexual appetite.

      A: Do you love me that much?
      H: Yes, then.... Can we have sex one more time??
      A: eh?! Again? Please! Can I do this by my hand?
      H: No! then It isn’t different from doing by myself.
      A(M): It’s really troublesome even I can’t run away to my home!
      H: hatara kun...
      A: ha, it might be better for me to find new home.
      H: ah, Sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t ask for. Don’t say you leave here!
      A: hey, How about set the number of times?! I can’t keep up with you.
      H: um, OK.
      A: then, Today is over.
      H: wait!
      A: what is it?
      H: one more time It’s OK by hand.
      A: ha, It might be better for me to find new one...
      H: eh!?! Don’t!

  2. Thanks to both of you i really appreciate your hard work.
    This minidrama was funny haha
    I enjoyed it ^_^

  3. YAY! Thanks Roby for uploading this mini drama!!! Omg i love it!!! HONJOU-SAN ERO SUGI!!!!! ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ Akira can't stand it HAHAHA! XD They are so cute! And oh my gosh SENNA-CHAN! Honto ni arigatō gozaimashita!!!! Thaks for the detailed translation!!! It's really nice of you!!! You even mention it's a monologue and you even wrote those sfx for us!!! You're really a thoughful person! THANK YOU! ♥