Sunday, March 23, 2014


Đöüšħīŷōūmȍ ƞãî Ķėřėđô M+CD

Hardworking, good-looking, and heir to daddy's company, Shimano thinks his life's just about perfect. Except that he's working from the bottom up in the company, and he can't seem to get along with Kurosawa, his manager. Competent but flippant, Kurosawa always seems to pay extra attention to Shimano, whether it's teasing him to make him work harder or covering up for his mistakes, which of course drives Shimano crazy. So he has Kurosawa firmly blacklisted until he realizes that Kurosawa's private life isn't a bundle of roses and begins to sympathize...and how are you supposed to hate someone you sympathize with, anyway?

Mangaka: Natsume Isaku
Released date: 2/25/2009
Seiyuu cast:
(Kurokawa Akihiro): Kusunoki Taiten x (Shimano Hayato): Takeuchi Ken

Đöüšħīŷōūmȍ ƞãî Ķėřėđô M+CD


  1. YAYYYYYYYYY! Thanks for starting a new project and oh my gosh!!! It features Takeuchi Ken as the uke!!!!! (*´艸`) (´▽`ʃƪ) (♥▽♥*) I LOVE HIS UKE VOICE! I'm so excited about this series now! Thanks Roby! ♥

  2. Natsume Isaku Sensei's manga always gives me great funs!!!*0*)/
    To me, most interesting manga of Isaku Sensei was 'DASH!'
    You've ever read that manga?
    Oh, its drama cd was great, too! XD
    There are 2 kind of version in CV, and I love Kondo Takashi x Hino Satoshi coupling version!^_^

    this 'Doushiyoumo nai Keredo' is so brand-new one to me,
    and I'm so excited! Thanks for your work, Roby-san!^0^)b

  3. Yes! Yes!! I adore this manga! Thank you :)

  4. Thank You Thank You Sooo Much <3

  5. First time that I read this manga without drama CD,
    I imagined who could be the most suitable with Kurokawa and Shimano..
    (It's my habit as a great voice-pervert...fhu..fhu..^-------^)

    In my MOUSOU, Kurokawa's voice was Miura Hiroaki's or Takahashi Hiroki's,
    and Shimano's voice was Okitsu Kazuyuki's or Shimazaki Nobunaga's..Haha^0^

    Ahh..Maybe you don't know well who they are...T.T

    Miura Hiroaki(三浦祥朗)'s best
    : BL - 密室の密かな星 (Misshitsu no Hisokana hoshi / paring with Takeuchi Ken)

    Takahashi Hiroki(高橋広樹)'s best
    : Otome - Fluffy Bunny/ほかほかツンデレ温泉 (Hokahoka Tsundere Onsen)

    Okitsu Kazuyuki(興津和幸)'s best
    : Otome - 大正浪漫〜禁断の恋 Vol.01 陸軍少尉の彼
    (Taishou Roman〜Kindan no Koi Vol.01 Rikugun Shoui no Kare)

    Shimazaki Nobunaga(島﨑信長)'s best
    : BL - 僕はすべてを知っている (Boku Wa Subete O Shitteiru / paring with Yusa Kouji)

    (AKUMADE, In my personal opinion^-^)

    But I'm satisfied with current casting,anyway!^_^

    1. Ahahahhaah indeed, I'm not so much into seyuus..GOMEN!!!
      I mean I focus on the plot and storyline....I truly love mangas....but reading it with the voices it's truly the looks like the characters are just in the same I'm quite an ignorant on what you and Soul know so well instead!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I love this manga, they are just so cute together.