Friday, August 16, 2013


Õŧōĸōġōĸōŕō M+CD

Salary man Saki is almost at home but passes out from fever just when college student Shinomiya is passing by. When Saki realizes that he's in a strange apartment and Shinomiya has been taking care of him for 2 days!, not wanting to be indebted, Saki tries to repay him as thanks. Luckily, Saki's pretty creative when coming up with a way to express his gratitude that has them both wanting more...

This serie is composed by three books 
(Otokogokoro, Koibitogokoro, and Koigokoro). 
The number of chapters in each book is as follows:
 Otokogokoro (2 chapters), Koibitogokoro (6 chapters + omake),
 and Koigokoro (2 chapters + omake).

Author: Kanda Neko
Company: FIFTH Avenue
Release Date: 2011/10/26
Pairing: Morikawa Toshiyuki x Mizushima Takahiro


  1. I'm Japanese.&I can't speak English fluently.
    So my English has some mistakes,Sorry.
    but I wanted to teach you another person made the same movie.

    1. Hi yuu! Don't worry for your you have already seen mine isn't perfetct neither....So no problem about that. I already know that but I edit manga that I really like...It can't be help (Shoganai)....!!!
      Thank you!!!! :)

    2. can undersantd Japanese well.I respect you.
      oh...I see...
      That's mean you like otokogokoro very much,so you can't help making that.(right...?)
      I'm realy meddlesome.(*_*)I'm sorry(>_<)

      &I like your projects,いつもありがとう:)

    3. You are welcome! and yes you understood me perfectly!!!! :))
      I'm trying to learn Japanese on line...So I understand few words or sentences yet.... My dream is to visit your country one day so....

    4. I'm glad to be said so.
      I'm not so good Japanese speaker.but if I could do something for you,please say to me(^-^)/
      I hope that your dream will come ture!

    5. Are you Japanese or not??? In your first comment you said you were Japanese but now you say that you are not a good Japanese speaker :-?

    6. Thank you yuu!!! I will surely ask for advices.... :)

    7. hmm...It is dificult to explain...but do my best.
      I short of vocabulary.This is the one of the reason why I said so.
      理系(who likes science,mathematics,physical,chemistory etc...)
      文系(who prefer to japanese(mean tougue language class),geography,history etc...)
      &I'm 理系.This is because I said " not so good ".

      and Roby,Ok!

    8. So you love this subjets eh???? I also studied them when I was in high school...I really loved math, astronomy and biology...In Italy we have Scientific high school (like mine) and Classic high shool where you can study the ancient languages (latin and greek). This two schools are the better way to enter in a good University.

  2. I'm having trouble with opening link "koibitogokoro part 1". I'm getting an "error, not found"-page

    1. I remember a few months ago the creation of a new Youtube channel. The link to this Drama CD+ manga is still on closed channel :'(. Also, Thank you so much for the amazing work you do. Watching these translated drama cd's always cheer me up and it must take up a lot of time to edit <3

    2. Hellooooo! This website is the old one, I kept having problems so I had to leave this one and created a new one! The website name is :
      Over there u can find alot of projects online and running!

  3. Holy sh*t, that was beautiful!