Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ķûçĥùù Ťęĭęń M+CD

This is Sahaquel, a beautiful country surrounded by the vast blue sea where the south wind blows softly on your cheek throughout the year. One day, Aisha, who worked in the red-light district was bought by Karim....

Mangaka: Homerun Ken
Company: フィフスアベニュー
Released: 2009/4/24
Pairing: Nakamura Yuuichi x Kaji Yuuki


  1. hi! when i click on part 3 and the dailymotion page comes up, it says access forbidden... help please?

  2. Kaji-Kun is a nice UKE everytime!^0^)b

  3. Where can I find this drama cd's music?there is a song I like but I cant find it:<

  4. part three doesnt work TT_TT

  5. Hello Roby! Thank you very much for making these videos and share it with us !! I really love your blog !! <33 (>\\\\\<)
    But there's a small issue.... Whenever I click a link to dailymoton page the video won't open. It says access is forbidden please refresh etc, but no matter how many times I refresh or try other methods it's just won't open up ... (;-;) even now I wanted to watch kuchuu teien but couldn't...
    Please help !! I'd really appreciate it if you could fix this problem!
    Thank you again and sorry to trouble you !! Bye<3

    1. Actually it says " sorry, something went wrong please refresh the page or come back later " 〜(°♢°;〜)…

    2. Hi Sora! Sure which part???

    3. Well... Every dailymotion video... </3

    4. Sora, I understood that you're talking about dailymotion videos but as you can easily imagine among my more of 400 videos I can't remember what I uploaded where.... plus I haven't got the time to click on every single link of my blog...... IMPOSSIBLE right????!!! Then if you could be more specific I could help you..... ;)